What Has Me Telling Marie Kondo...Kiss My Arse, KonMari!

Updated: May 21, 2019

Okay, that might be a bit of a dramatic title to this blog post, but honestly it's totally how I I've been feeling for weeks, if not longer!! I know you are probably thinking..."What the heck? I thought you loved organizing...so why are you cursing Marie Kondo?"

Well, here's the deal, this is pretty much a repeating and frustrating pattern for me... I'm passionate about something, decide to jump in, and then a hurdle comes along that totally throws me off.

Then I give up because I tell myself that the timing is all wrong, and it just isn't meant to be.

How about this perfect example to illustrate my point?

About 13 years ago I met a brilliant woman who was teaching classes about essential oils. Back then NO ONE knew what the hell essential oils were, and I thought they were absolutely AMAZING!

They helped my family immensely, so I wanted to share my enthusiasm about oils and spent a couple of years teaching classes.

And you know what?

Truthfully, everyone thought I was a weird hippie, granola girl (and I'm convinced there were even a few people who were suspicious that I was dabbling in witchcraft). At that time, I guess Midwest America was not quite ready for aromatherapy, and I gave up on sharing about oils.

Then, as you likely know, a decade later EVERYONE AND THEIR FREAKIN' MOTHER (and father, and great aunt, like seriously everybody) are using them!! Even those people who thought I was weird are now cray-cray for oils!! Funny timing, huh!?!

Need ANOTHER example??