It's Just Another Mindful Monday

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Hello Monday, my new friend!!!

Aw, poor Monday, it's probably the most hated day of the week, so how about we incorporate a little more positivity into this neglected, semi-loathed day?

Do you wake up on Mondays and jump out of bed with excitement or loathe having to start your day?

Well, I think I can help regardless of your answer.

As I shared in an earlier post (read it here), I'm on a self-journey of creating a life that is simpler, more meaningful and simply put, all-around more magical ✨(Cue the rainbows 🌈 and unicorns 🦄). I have no doubt that one of the cornerstones of my path is integrating more mindfulness into my life.

There is no denying that I'm an ultra "Type A" personality (yes, I have checklists for about everything in my life and am constantly organizing every square inch of my house), so it's very easy for me to get lost in the to-do's and the hustle and bustle of life without being fully present to the moment or to the people that I hold so dear. Mindfulness isn't something that just happens overnight (well, at least it hasn't for me).

Mindfulness is truly a practice...there is never the ultimate arrival point.

The first step of my mindfulness journey has been to admit I've been lying to myself about how present I am in each moment. (which has been a painful exercise, especially for a "perfectionist" like me)

The truth...I'm not not very present at all.

If I take a closer look at the reasons why I don't feel very present most of the time, it's because I'm in a constant state of distraction (hello, momsanity)...texts, emails, phone calls, social media, games on my phone...the list of things that consume my time and attention is longer than a six year olds Santa wish list.

If I'm going to be 100% transparent here (which, what the hell...why not!), I have an addiction...I'm addicted to being busy and feeling productive. I hate to even admit this, but it's dirty little confession...I'm on level 921 of the "Best Fiends" app on my phone because it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Ha Ha, I