Is It Worth It? : The Pros and Cons of the Sea World All Day Dining Food Package

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

The Weber Family loves theme parks, and I recently had some free and discounted tickets to Sea World San Diego. So, the kids and I took a little trip downtown, and had a mostly awesome time (minus one big mom fail!), and you can read all about the details of our day here. Honestly, I feel a bit responsible because if had packed the right things that day, the whole mishap could have been resolved quickly, so that's why I also decided to share what you should bring in your amusement park bag here! Learn from my big mistake and bring ALL of the necessities!

It's probably no big surprise that I'm one of those people who prides themself on being able to find the best deals, and I saw quite a bit of advertising on the Sea World website about their All-Day Dining package. I had been teetering on the idea for a few days before our trip trying to assess whether it was worth the money to do the all day dining package or not.

Once we arrived at Sea World, I was still undecided but realized the only way to find out was to just try it out! So, as the kids were riding their first roller coaster, I headed to a snack kiosk and purchased the deal for $39.99 (plus tax, so it ended up being around $43). I opted to only purchase it for me because each of my kids is an "adult" per Sea World's parameters (over age 9), and I knew that was more than I wanted to investment for my experiment.

Before I get into my full assessment let's dive into the specifics about the dining deal.

What's Included?

The Sea World All Day Dining Deal allows you to get one "main entree" (which was pretty much a platter that included a side like fries), a drink (soda or water) and a choice of a "side" (usually a salad, fruit or dessert). At several of the places there were some restrictions, but honestly, there were enough other choices that it didn't really matter. Once you get to the check out, they scan your wristband and give you a receipt that is time stamped. After checking out, you have one hour before you can go back and get more food and beverages.