I've Chosen My "One Word" for the New Year - Now What?

Yearly Planner Calendar with Gold Pen

The first few weeks of the New Year have flown by and as quickly as your resolutions have flown out the window (being rich, thin, and perfect in every way is so overrated, anyway) the eagerness that you had for your ONE WORD is probably starting to wane too...

Welcome to the club, friend...the backslide is real!  * (If you haven't chosen your ONE WORD, it's never too late...I've shared how to make it an easy and meaningful process here)

So, how the heck do you keep up the momentum and stay focused on your ONE WORD for the whole year??

Well, you are in luck, because I have some kick-ass ideas of how to stay the course that are easy and more importantly...MEGA FUN too!! Get the Glitter Ball Ready!!

1. Make a Mind Map

Mind mapping is a creative way to brainstorm how you can practically incorporate your word into all the vital areas of your life.

If you are not familiar with mind mapping, you are probably thinking "What the hell is that?  Sounds painful"!!  

Well, I can assure you it's not going to cause any pain!! I'll walk you through how I mind mapped my word "Alignment" last year, so you get a concrete visual of the process.

A. First I placed my One Word in the middle of a blank sheet of paper.

B. Secondly, I labeled the 8 main components of my life (Family, Home, Friends, Health, Community, Financial, Career, Spiritual/Emotional)