How Using Themed Days Each Week Will Make You More Present and Productive in Your Life

Updated: Jan 19

It’s 2021!!! (Can I get a “Thank the Lord”!?!?)

For me, this time of year is always filled with reflection on the past and renewed optimism for a clean slate in the upcoming year.

And after the shitshow that was 2020, I have never been more excited to say goodbye to a year than this one! #seeya2020

As I look back over the last year, I’ve gotta take a hard look at how I showed up, and to be honest, it was a year of FLOUNDERING for me…

I mean I did the basics…my family was fed and cared for…my dog got a walk each day…bills were paid on time…but much more than the bare minimum, I don’t have much to show for 2020.

It’s not something I am going to be too hard on myself for, because after all, we survived a global pandemic, and here in California, most of the year we were in some sort of lockdown or stay-at-home orders of one kind or another.

So I’m definitely going to give myself a pass for being a bit lazy and unmotivated.

Heck, just making it to 2021 in one piece is cause for a round of applause! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

But the truth is, 2020 was not a year filled with much fun….or laughter…or meaning…

It was a “get through it” survival year for