How to Plan a Christmas Themed Family Dinner and Holiday Movie Night - Buddy the Elf

Plush elf and edible decorated elf hats

“The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is Singing Loud For All to Hear!”

Where are all my “Elf” fans out there?!? 🙋🏻

Seriously, Will Ferrell is one of my faves, and Elf just might top the list as my favorite Christmas movie.

**Fun Side Note** - My hubby played in one of Will’s golf charity events here in San Diego and got to meet him! Pretty cool, huh??

So of course Elf has to be one of our Holiday-themed “Dinner & a Movie” family features!

When I tell my friends that I’ve been planning these themed dinners for my family, many of them get a look of terror on their faces because most of us moms have difficulty just getting hot food on the table let alone create a thematic meal…