How to Organize Household Chores to Keep Your Tweens / Teens Motivated and Accountable

Updated: May 13, 2020


Ugh, that dreaded word that everyone hates...especially teens and tweens!

Having a household of three kiddos in the teen/tween category, I might actually despise chores as much as they do because it means managing, nagging, tracking, reminding, and negotiating on my part which then equates to whining, arguing, and complaining on their part. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Don't get me wrong, my kids are great and all, but they are super busy with school, sports, and extra curricular activities so the excuses to NOT do chores is a mile long!

Long gone are those glorious days of cutesy chose charts with stickers, or the time we made an intricate (and super complicated) token system, where buying crap at the dollar store was beyond motivating and did the trick to get our kids to clean up!

As the kids have grown older, we've tried a few methods to implement and track household chores. The one that seems most families use, is to divide up different chores on different days and rotate them between kids, and then track the days/kids/chores with some sort of chore chart.

From my own family experiences, I have found with teens the three biggest problems with a traditional "chore chart"is...

1. With multiple kids in the family, it gets confusing who is suppose to do what, which in turn invariably leads to some type of disagreement. "It wasn't my day to walk the dog, I've got dishes today!".