How to Make DIY Family Road Trip Survival Goodie Bags for Kids and Teens

Road Trip Survival Goodie Bags

Man, I am totally tripping….


Since we are still in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of our big travel plans have all been canceled so we’ve been doing A LOT more road trips with the kids.

And because 2020 has pretty much sucked in SO.MANY.WAYS. we are trying our best to squeeze the most amount of fun out of things we do with our family.

On top of that "fun list" is bringing back the old school style road trips.

Back in the olden days when I was a kid, my parents would make little packages of snacks and activities to open every hour to help make the ride go a wee bit faster and to help keep us kiddos entertained on the drive.

So, I decided to take a page from that early 80's playbook of child-rearing and get cracking on some ROAD TRIP GOODIE BAGS!

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The first task at hand...I hit up the Dollar Store and the Dollar Spot at Target, grabbed some brown lunch sacks, made some fun printable tags, and I was off and rolling!

Seriously y’ all, if you haven’t done this for your kids…do it! They will love it!

Kids in car for road trip with travel goodie bag
Picture Proof: Happy Teens!

Listen, my kids are teenagers, and when you are an adolescent, you are way too cool for school....and even THEY loved it, so I guarantee your kids will too!

2020 has been one heck of a rough ride, so I’m going to make one thing easier in life for you...I made the cute printable goodie bag tags for you!!

So all you've got to do is buy some "goodies", print the tags, and put the bags together. I’ve made them for our last two trips, and if my pandemic weary mind can do it, you can too!

Here's a breakdown of the steps one by one...

1. Stan with the Plan

The first step in planning your epic road trip goodie bag extravaganza is to first take into consideration how long your trip is going to be.

My rule of thumb is to plug in the destination in my Google Maps app and if the trip is 6 hours, I'm gonna' make 5 bags (starting at hour one)…if it’s 9 hours, then plan for 8 bags to keep the troops happy and so on. However long your trip is will determine how many bags you make.

2. Get the Goods

The next step is to visit your local discount store or Dollar Tree and load up on some cheap yet entertaining "goodies".

This is a time where you let your cheesy mom factor shine!

If you have teens, think about what your kids loved when they were little and run with it! Mine loved those magic pen coloring books like these below, so yep, I picked up a set of those!

Imagine Ink Magic Pictures Coloring Activity Books Set

Was silly putty a fave in your house? Then grab it!

You’ll be surprised how much your “big kids” like the little kid's things because it brings back some good childhood memories for them!

Also, be sure to get some junky snacks…my kids don’t normally get junk food, but hey, you are on vacation, so get a little C-R-A-Z-Y…hello Ring Pops and Kinder Joy eggs!!

*A word to the wise*…don’t overload your kids with too much bad food, especially if they are not used to eating that poison…um, I mean sugary goodness. On our first road trip, my son ate every single crappy treat I packed, and he didn’t feel so great when we arrived at our end destination #liveandlearn

Here is a sampling of some things we’ve used in our bags.

Road Trip travel games, activities and snacks

Also, if you are short on time and don't want to run all over town looking for goodie bag items, you can order some super fun things on Amazon...


- Car Bingo

- BeanBoozled Jelly Bean Game

- Ball of Whacks

- Travel Connect Four Game

- Take N' Play Hangman Game

- Magnetic Tangrams

- Rubik's Cube

- Paint By Sticker Picture

- Magic Snake Puzzle

(OMG, This was my fave in 3rd grade)

Oh, yeah, and one more tip…you don’t have to buy all new things!

I looked through our game cabinet and found a few things we already owned that would be boredom busters in the car, like the “Ball of Wacks”& Rubik’s Cube....and I know you've got a fidget spinner somewhere around your house!!

3. P.P.S - Print, Pack, and Staple

Once you’ve gathered your goodies, it’s time to package them.

Brown Lunch sack bag with printable "open at" tags

I’ve made these bag tags just for you...

Oh, and I have two versions for you…one that’s more colorful...

Colorful "Open At" Road Trip Travel Goodie Bag Printable Tags

and one that uses less ink…um, have I mentioned that I am frugal? (yes, even with computer ink!)

"Open At" Road Trip Travel Goodie Bag Printable Tags

When you are ready to label the bags, you can put a specific time for it to be opened or you can write the location along your road trip…for me, going the location route seemed to be harder for me to figure out so I went with the time....K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple, Sister!

"Open At" Road Trip Travel Goodie Bag Printable Tags with Scissors

Once you’ve packed the bags, added the tags, and stapled them, you are ready to roll mama!

See, now wasn’t that easy!?!? (Hint - the answer is "YES")

So now you’ve got the recipe for a fabulous family road trip!

What do you think? Did you find any amazing finds at your dollar store that I should add to my list…my kids would love some new ideas in our rotation!

Until next time, cheers to being a Rocking Road Warrior, and cheers to YOU!🥂



Girl in Car with Road Trip Goodie Bags

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