How to Make a Halloween Fall Care Package for Your College-Age Child - Easy Steps & Free Printables

Updated: 6 days ago

Halloween Themed College Care Package

It’s been exactly 42 days ago that I last saw my firstborn daughter when we dropped her off at college for the first time (Not that I am counting or anything!)

And honestly, it’s been so hard not having her around the house…I mean, no one else will watch the Real Housewives with me, so I am definitely feeling her absence (But don’t you worry... I’m plugging along watching it without her - because I am no quitter!)

But I will say Mr. Organizen and I are super lucky to have a kid who likes to share all about her college experience with us, so we get photos of her meals from the dining hall, pics of her “game day” attire, and quite a few late-night selfies with her friends…which honestly is the best thing ever to get to be a part of her day-to-day life, even if it’s long-distance via text messages.

One of the things I'll always remember from being in college is that it was the BEST.THING.EVER to get mail…and even more amazing…to get PACKAGES!!!

My sweet grandma would frequently send “walking around money” for me and my friends to buy pizza in the dorm. It’s funny how that was over 25 years ago, and I can still hear my friends yelling “Thanks Grandma for the pizza!” into the air as we noshed on the 'za she treated us to! It’s honestly the small things that make you feel connected to “home” and to your loved ones when you are away at school.

So when our first-born headed off to college, I made a goal for myself to send a themed care package to our “Miss Hay” every month…okay, maybe I shouldn’t really call it a “goal” cause I think of a goal as something you have to put your mind to accomplish and work hard to complete, and I actually totally geek out over any cheesy mom stuff, so making care packages is actually a totally fun creative out