How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions Mo-Jo - Staying on Track with Your Goals in the New Year

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Desk with laptop, earphones, notebook and coffee

Welp, we are a few months into 2019, and if you are anything like me (Lordy, let's hope not 🙏 because I'm somewhat of a disaster about 50% of the time 🤣) those kick-ass resolutions that you were so gung ho about are probably a forgotten thing of the past, kind of like that "green bean diet" I tried in college...pretty much over before it even got started!

So how do you get your New Year's Resolutions MoJo back?? Hell if I know, go Google it and let me know what you find out! LOL!!

Okay, all kidding aside, the resolutions backslide is a real thing, and I'm totally guilty of it, like right now at this very moment! So, what am I gonna do about it??

Oh, I'm so glad you asked...hello, make a printable!! I'm pretty sure printables can solve any I right?? Well at least for me they do!!📝

Back in January, I had some pretty big ideas about the things I wanted to incorporate into my daily routines....starting the day with a big glass of citrus water, meditating, exercising more, taking vitamins, drinking more wine, (oh actually, it was drinking LESS wine, oops!)

Any guess as to how I'm doing?? Well, let's say if I was a high school student, I'd be getting a big 'ole fat F. I'm estimating I'm consistent about 60% of the time, so maybe that's a D-.

Anyway, my point is, I'm not doing so great!👎🏼

To help get me back in the groove, I've decided to track my progress with this newly created PRINTABLE!!!

Yes, I'm the first to admit I was totally a "star ⭐on the chore chart" kinda kid, so I'm hoping this grown-up version of a star chart will do the trick!!

Printable Daily Habit Tracker Worksheet