How to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Everyday Routine During Quarantine

Happy Journal, iPhone, and earphones

It's Day #14 of Covid-19 Quarantine here in our home (not that I'm counting or anything!), and it's now sunk in that this is our new "normal".

Although the State of California legally went into shelter mode a week ago, we began our family lockdown before the rest of the state and the country because we have several family members with weaker immune systems, one being me!

It definitely took so time to get used to this new pace of life, but I think we've all pretty much hit our groove in creating routines that work best for each of us individually.

So what does our typical day look like?

For the kids, they have each made their own school schedule and honestly, I'm super proud that they haven't fought us too much on getting some academic work done...truthfully, I think that they like the structure and sense of accomplishment of being productive during the day. I never in my life thought they would miss going to school as much as they do. #youdontknowwhatyouvegotuntilitsgone

For Mr. Organizen, although his workload has slowed considerably, he is continuing to do some business from home, and the remainder of the time he has committed to a daily exercise routine, and he is really focusing his day on diving into some spiritual practices.

For me, I've finally got the kids on a "loose" personalized, daily schedule, and I spend more time prepping food than I ever have, but I've really tried to focus this bonus downtime to what I've been calling "extreme, radical self-care".