Hotel Toiletries Hoarding Alternatives

Are you ready to let go of your "little collection" of hotel toiletries? Then check out my suggestions of what you can do with your over abundance of sample size goodies below!

Step #1 - Acknowledgement

The first step in addressing any addiction is acknowledging you have a problem. You may have realized that you are indeed a "Hotel Toiletries Hoarder" and if you are not sure whether you are, then check out this easy, FUN assessment here.

Step #2 - Seek Alternatives

The second step toward remedying any "challenge" (this is my polite way to describe hoarding🤣) is coming up with alternatives. So, you may have come to the conclusion that your stash of hotel freebies is overflowing and is just "too much".

The next call to action is to figure out what you are going to do with ALL of those sample size shampoos, conditioner, and lotions. Instead of stock piling them underneath your cabinet or taking 7 baths a day for the next seven weeks, here are a few ideas to help you stop your hoarding ways!!

1. Create an eye-appealing jar of toiletries to use as decor in your bathroom like this little cutie display. If you see them out , you may even actually use them!