Hello, 2021 - How to Choose Your One Word Theme of Intention - Up Your New Year's Resolutions Game

2021 Pink New Year

And just like that, BAM!...another year is in the books...and let's be honest, we are ALL ready to say goodbye to 2020. 👋🏼 #byebiatch #2020yousuck

Although I love me some holiday festivities, there is something about the change to a New Year that REALLY makes me excited... (especially this year...I mean, 2021 can't come soon enough...right?!?)

Why do I love the New Year so much?

Well, I guess it feels like a blank page is waiting for me...it's a time to realign with what I am about and what I'd like to see manifest in my life.

It's kind of like a "reset" button in many ways giving me a new, shiny, fresh start...

(and I can leave behind all the "hang-xiety" filled memories after too many glasses of wine #truestory 🍷🤦🏻‍♀️🍷).

I also cherish this time of year because I give myself space and time to really reflect on the past year and to envision what I want to bring forth in my life and who I want to be in the upcoming year.

New Year's Resolutions??


Me no likey "Resolutions" 🙅🏻‍♀️

I said adios to "resolutions" a long time ago...because honestly, I know by January 2nd at 11 AM (yes that's the exact time this happens) I will be beating myself up for sneaking a cookie, or watching the Real Housewives, or some other meaningless "forbidden" activity that wasn't on my resolutions list...and