How to Make Your Own DIY Thick & Healthy Hair Growth Tonic - A Nourishing Essential Oils Spray

Hairbrush with essential oils

Hair Thinning…

Hair Loss…

UGH!!! Something NO ONE wants to talk about…

Because honestly it’s embarrassing… and humbling…and frightening and a


Over the last two years, I have had some significant health challenges, specifically with my thyroid and my adrenals, and it took a toll on my hair.

There was a period of time when I was losing so much hair, I began to worry if I would get it to stop and if it would ever grow back. #whaaaa😭

The Good News is once I correctly diagnosed the problem and started treating the underlying condition, I was able to stop the shedding and start growing new, thicker hair! (Happy Dance!)

Bad News…it’s hair, and man, does it take a long time to grow back in!

Other Good News: I have learned SO MUCH during my journey, and I’d love to help anyone else who finds themselves in the same predicament.

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So what should you do if you are experiencing abnormal amounts of hair loss?

Here are my top recommendations: ( PSA: I am not a doctor, and this is NOT medical advice, just a recap of what worked for me!)

1. Seek professional help…have your medical practitioner run the necessary tests to get to the root cause.