Get Your Grinch On! How to Plan a Family Dinner and Movie Night - The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Grinch Themed Dinner and Movie

2020 has proven to be by far one of the most challenging years for me and my little fam bam, and here in SoCal, we are back under new stay-at-home orders which honestly feels like a gut punch. #2020sucks

Basically, since March, my kids have lost so much…sports, in-person school, jobs, extracurricular activities, parties with friends...You name it, they probably can't do it anymore.

Honestly, it’s been so hard to see them lose all of the things that they love doing the most, and to top it off our oldest daughter is a Senior so no Homecoming, or Varsity sports, or Senior special events...and at this point, Winter Formal, Prom, and Graduation seem like a pipedream. 💔

Even though things in the outside world feel depressing and hopeless, the one thing I can control is what happens under our roof at home, so I’m doing my best to make some kind of lemonade out of the rotten lemons we’ve been given.

So this Holiday Season, I am upping the game on festivities at home.

One of the things that we added to our family bucket list is to watch holiday movies together (Missed that blog post? You can read it here)…which is all well and good but I’m determined to kick it up a notch and have decided to make our movie nights also themed dinner nights.

First up…The Grinch Who Stole Christmas