Create DIY Finals Survival Kits for the Student in Your Life to Show Your Encouragement & Support

Updated: Oct 11

Finals Exams snacks with encouraging printable tags

It's FINALS WEEK here in the Weber abode, and normally my kids would be at school focused on wrapping up all of their classes with their end of the semester exams...but with COVID still running rampant here in SoCal, all three of my kids are taking their tests from home.

Normally the PTO at their school has a fundraiser where parents can purchase "Finals Survival Kits" for their students to have some snacks while they are testing.

Since there's no school, there are no "Survival Kits", and having a senior this year (#worstyearevertobeasenior) I'm doing my darndest to make her last year as special and meaningful as it can be, so I decided to make my own survival kit not only for her but all three of my kids!

Honestly, it wasn't hard at all...and was actually kind of fun!

The toughest part was creating the tags, but I already did that for you, so you've got it "made in the shade" to make your own!!

Let me walk you through what you need and how to do it!

Brown Bag, tape, scissors and printable tags