Creating a New AM Routine to Improve Your Life - A Mindful Morning Makeover

Bedside table with a black alarm clock and plant

Today is Day #22 of the Holiday Winter Break for my kiddos (not that I'm counting) and tomorrow they head back to school!

Although it’s been (mostly) awesome having them home for the last few weeks, I’m ready to get back into the swing of “normal life”.

It’s a bit embarrassing to share this, but in the last 22 days, I’ve slipped into some pretty B-A-D habits throughout the day... ESPECIALLY in the morning…you know…

...snoozing until 8, 😴

...immediately checking my phone, 📱

...scanning the BAD news headlines, 📰

...mindlessly scrolling through Instagram until 8:30, 📷

...playing useless games until after 9:00, 👾

...skipping my morning water,🚰