How to Make Your Home Cozy for Autumn - Halloween & Thanksgiving (Fall Holidays House Decor Ideas)

Fall home decor wheat stalks in vase on fireplace mantel

It's that time of year when the weather starts cooling off a bit (well, it dips below 80 here in Southwest Florida), and we all want to start feeling a bit more cozy!

When the kids were younger, we would deck out the house in all sorts of cheesy Halloween decor (hello plastic skeleton and Dollar Store tombstones), but as the kiddos have gotten older they are less eager to help me decorate for the fall holidays. So we've decided to simplify our fall decor, plus let's be honest, those styrofoam headstones only make it through a few seasons before they are totally trashed anyway!

This year I just want to add a few classy yet cozy items around the house that make it feel like fall, but that I can also leave up through Thanksgiving since they are not just "Halloweenie" (yes, that's a real word, even my spellcheck says so!)

(Psst - If you need some other ideas of fun things to do this Fall...I've got you covered with my Ultimate Fall Bucket List, and you better believe there are free printables there fer ya'!)

I'm definitely one who leans toward the more minimalist vibe, so there are only a few items that make the "Magan cut"...and here they are!

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