Clean Out, Declutter, & Organize Your Freezer - "Free the Clutter Fiesta"

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

It's WEEK 5 of the "Free the Clutter Fiesta", and I've got a confession...

I've gone off the rails!!

Well, actually not exactly, but I have gotten off track from my original plan!

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As you see below, I should have already decluttered the pantry and fridge, but I'm a rebel and decided to mix it up...

Free the Clutter Printable Worksheet

Truth be told, I'm actually waiting on some super cool organizing products for the pantry, so that's been put on hold, and my fridge was jam-packed of leftovers from the Super Bowl party we hosted, and cleaning out a FULL fridge is no bueno (Exhibit A - Full Fridge), so I skipped on over to the FREEZER!!

Fridge refrigerator full of food