And So It Begins...

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

You know what? SCREW IT!! (I really wanted to say F*CK IT, but thought that might be a bit over the top to drop the F Bomb 💣in the first 4 words of my very first blog post ever and didn't want to scare any of you lovely ladies away!!)

Listen, I'm not sugar coating this "momsanity" anymore, and I give up on trying to play that perfect mom role anymore. Honestly, it's been exhausting!

I'm ready to bring it, ladies (still not sure what "it" is exactly, but I'm ready to have a blast with all of you along the way!)

Which brings me to the BIG question I recently asked myself...

"How the hell did I get here??"

Like, holy shit... I'm all of a sudden 45 years old, with three kids (always thought it would be four, but after three...hell no!), a great husband, a dog (which we successfully avoided for years until our kids wore us down), a two story house in a nice neighborhood, and an SUV for all the damn kids who are constantly messing it up. You know the drill... basically living your typical middle class, suburban life that you always dreamed of only to one day wake up and ask yourself, "Is this it"?

Don't get me wrong, I'm blessed and have a wonderful life, yet I've recently come to realize that I've lost a big part of who I really am along this motherhood journey, and I've decided to "get my Magan groove back." (Just like Stella did, but sadly no Taye Diggs 😉)

And as quickly as these thoughts came, it was followed by my old familiar friend FEAR.

LUCKILY, I also have this new voice that seems to be getting much, much louder with age that says... FUCK IT, let's do this, girl!

So I recently told myself to take note of some amazing advice that I'm pretty sure I read on Pinterest or a Hallmark card...

“Start before you’re ready” this mantra has been rather loud in my mind lately kind of like my middle daughter yelling "MOM" 634 times a day (and for those of you who personally know my middle child, this is NOT an exaggeration!). I certainly don't feel “ready”, and to be completely honest, I don’t know if I will ever feel “ready” which is kind of how I have felt my entire life, yet I know it's time.