30 Day Deep Spring Cleaning to Fight Quarantine Mind-Numbing Monotony and Sheltering Boredom

Funny Quarantine Black Letter Board

In case you were wondering, today is "Blursday the Fortyteenth of Maprilay".

In other words, it's Day #61 of Covid restrictions here in San Diego County, and surely, I'm not the only one who is SO READY to actually know what day and month it is again!!📆⁣

I cannot wait to have a real schedule and routine again, and I'm honestly starting to doubt whether that day will ever come! #whenwillthiseverend

In the meantime, a wise woman once told me...(or maybe I saw it on Pinterest) ⁣

"Focus on what you can actually control rather than the things you can't". 🎯⁣

And that's what I've been doing for the month of May!

Pink Gloved Hand Cleaning with Spray

It's amazing how much better I feel on the days that I actually accomplish something (and get out of my pj's)

To fight the mind-numbing monotony of quarantine, I've been doing a deep "spring cleaning" of one thing in my home each day and thought I would share my printable plan with you in case you are LOSING.YOUR.MIND too!

Printable 30 Day Deep Spring Cleaning Calendar

Feel free to click on the image above and print out a calendar to motivate yourself or help hold yourself accountable...and bonus, your house will be super clean and germ-free in the process...now I call that a WIN-WIN!!

In return, I have a small request for you to help me out...What are some things you are doing to stay sane right now?? (Besides drinking wine, I've already go that in my boredom arsenal! 🍷)

Until next time, cheers to a squeaky clean home and to you NOT losing your marbles! 🥂