30 Day Deep Spring Cleaning to Fight Quarantine Mind-Numbing Monotony and Sheltering Boredom

In case you were wondering, today is "Blursday the Fortyteenth of Maprilay".

In other words, it's Day #61 of Covid restrictions here in San Diego County, and surely, I'm not the only one who is SO READY to actually know what day and month it is again!!📆⁣

I cannot wait to have a real schedule and routine again, and I'm honestly starting to doubt whether that day will ever come! #whenwillthiseverend

In the meantime, a wise woman once told me...(or maybe I saw it on Pinterest) ⁣

"Focus on what you can actually control rather than the things you can't". 🎯⁣

And that's what I've been doing for the month of May!

It's amazing how much better I feel on the days that I actually accomplish something (and get out of my pj's)

To fight the mind-numbing monotony of quarantine, I've been doing a deep "spring cleaning" of one thing in my home each day and thought I would share my printable plan with you in case you are LOSING.YOUR.MIND too!

Feel free to click on the image above and print out a calendar to motivate yourself or help hold yourself accountable...and bonus, your house will be super clean and germ-free in the process...now I call that a WIN-WIN!!

In return, I have a small request for you to help me out...What are some things you are doing to stay sane right now?? (Besides drinking wine, I've already go that in my boredom arsenal! 🍷)

Until next time, cheers to a squeaky clean home and to you NOT losing your marbles! 🥂