12 Genius Makeup Organizers to Keep Your Cosmetics and Vanity Decluttered & Organized

Updated: Jan 19

Cosmetics, beauty tools and makeup brushes

The new year is well underway, and if we were hoping for an exciting year….well, 2021 has certainly not disappointed…

it’s already been just a wee bit W-A-C-K-Y with lots of uncertainty around the corner, and we are only a couple of weeks in!

When the world seems uncertain, and life feels out of control, one thing that helps me feel more grounded is having a plan to focus on. It’s my healthy way of taking back a little control in my life.

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For the month of January, I created a theme each day of the week to feel centered and to actually get some things done in my life!

(I wrote a whole blog post about how having themed days can help you be more productive here if you want to check it out!)

Here’s a little peek at my January calendar.

January Calendar on a desk with notebook and keyboard