100 Items You Should Toss ASAP

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Listen, we all love of the modern conveniences that make our lives easier, but when your home is covered in useless clutter, it might be time to rethink what you are holding on to! Since we are friends and all, I'm going to make it super easy for you and give you a master list of all the things you really should toss ASAP!!

The sooner you get rid of the junk that is literally just taking up space in your home, the sooner you will have more room for the things that truly matter to you!!

So here you go...my list of 100 things you should get rid of immediately!

* Footnote - when I say "toss" and "get rid of" I really mean find a new home for those items. There are SO many incredible, worthwhile charitable organizations who would love many of the things you no longer need, and I will share some donation ideas and recycling locations in my list!*

1. Worn Out Towels - Most local animal shelters can use them 🐶

2. Undergarments with Holes or Stains - Ew! Trash 'em!

3. Rusted Pots, Pans and Baking Sheets - Ain't nobody want rust in their food

4. Fridge Magnets - Come on now, those are ugly anyway!

5. Magazines You've Already Read

6. Extra Sets of Eyewear - You can donate them to the Lions Club or New Eyes.

7. Old Receipts

8. Business Cards – Make it last longer by putting the info in your phone

9. Solo Socks - Just make peace with the fact that you aren't going to find the match

10. Unused Toys - Polly Pockets and Zhu Zhu Pets, you go in that pile! 🐀

11. Worn Out Athletic Shoes - Nike and Asics both have recycling programs and Soles for Souls is another organization that donates shoes to those in need. 👟

12. Unused sports equipment - Croquet set, I'm looking at you

13. Old Paint - Look at your local city resources for recycling centers or check out Earth 911

14. Useless Cords - If they don’t belong to anything you currently own, you don't need them and while you are at it, come to my house and take mine too! The one thing my hubby just can't part with!

15. Wrinkled or Faded Gift Wrapping Paper, Tissue Paper, and Gift Bags 🎁

16. Owners Manuals - You can find them online

17. Old Technology - You know the culprits...floppy discs, iPods, 8 tracks, VHS tapes 📼

18. Used Gift Cards - Recycle those babies 💳

19. Complimentary Hotel Toiletries - Need help knowing what to do with them? Read here!

20. Expired Supplements and Vitamins

21. Old Birthday Party Supplies - Admit it, you'll never use them! 🎉

22. Worn Out Pet Toys

23. Catalogs - They've been replaced by this great little invention called the "Internet"

24. Lumpy Pillows - Need I say more??

25. Rarely Worn Jewelry - If you haven't worn in the last two years, give it to someone who will use it and love it!

26. Worn Out, Stained Rugs

27. Paper Bills and Bank Statements - Opt for paperless instead ✉️

28. Damaged, Outdated, Ugly, Uncomfortable Clothes - You deserve better!👗

29. Cook Books and Recipe Cards 🗃️

30. Unused Exercise Equipment - Thigh Master, find yourself a new owner

31. Dried Flowers - Hello, it's the 70's calling...put those with your macrame kit, in the trash!

32. Uncomfortable, Worn Out Shoes 👠

33. Old Takeout Menus - You've got a smartphone for that!

34. Extra Shoelaces

35. Cleaning Supplies or Toiletries You Don’t Like - Donate them to a local shelter

36. Unused Wallets and Purses 👛

37. Spare Change - Find a service like CoinStar or donate it to a good cause!

38. Air Fresheners or Plug-ins - That shit's toxic - no seriously it is!! Toss it and buy some high-quality essential oils instead with the money you just collected from #37

39. Extra pens and pencils - Only keep your faves 🖊️

40. Unidentified Frozen Objects aka UFOs 🛸 - Who knows how long it's been in there

41. Books You Haven't Read and Don't Plan To - Resell or donate to your local library 📚

42. Boxes (Shoe Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Amazon Boxes) - I promise, you don't need them!

43. Stretched Out Hair Ties

44. Expired Sunscreen - Check it out, they do have expiration dates! 🧴

45. Multiple Bookmarks - Keep one, or two at most! 🔖

46. Fancy Delicate Dishes

47. Unused Hobby Supplies - I guess it's time to toss all that scrapbooking crap!

48. Birthday Party Goodie Bag Trinkets - Donate them to your local school, many classrooms have a treasure box or rewards store

49. Old Store Rewards Cards - Newsflash! Toys R Us, Payless, and Gymboree are no longer in business, toss those rewards cards!

50. Rusty Unused Tools 🧰

51. Warped, Stained, and Mismatched Tupperware - Oh I know you have some random lids that don't fit anything!!

52. Dried Nail Polish and Old Nail Supplies 💅

53. Old Party or Event Invitations

54. Dried Out Markers - Crayola will take them for their ColorCycle Program

55. Stockings/Pantyhose With Runs

56. Greeting Cards You Aren't Ever Going to Use

57. Old Phone Accessories - Cases, styluses, screen protectors, bye-bye!

58. Broken Crayons - There are awesome recycling programs like The Crayon Initiative and Crazy Crayons where you can send them 🖍️

59. Old CD’s You Don't Listen To 💿

60. Unused Cell phones and Chargers - Get money for them from companies like EcoATM or donate them to charities like The Hope Phones and Cell Phones for Soldiers 📱

61. Board Games with Missing Pieces or That No One Plays - I mean seriously does anyone really like Monopoly or Risk?

62. Holiday Decor that's No Longer Used 🎄

63. Unused or Old Spices - Yep, they have an expiration date too! 🧂

64. Unused Perfumes and Cologne

65. Leftover Screws, Nails, Nuts, Bolts 🔩

66. Old Toothbrushes - You can recycle those at Terracycle

67. Unloved VHS and DVDs - Adios, Wiggles and Elmo!

68. Unplayed Instruments 🎺

69. Expired Prescriptions and Medications - Go to fda.gov for proper disposal info

70. Craft Supplies You Haven’t Used in Years - Your local school is a great recipient 🏫

71. Unused Placemats, Napkins, Tablecloths

72. Jigsaw Puzzles with Missing Pieces 🧩

73. Outdated, Cracked, and Dirty Makeup - That goes in the trash 🗑️

74. Travel Alarm Clocks - Use your phone, silly! ⏰

75. Unused Picture Frames

76. Old Newspapers - Recycle!! 🗞️

77. Random Candy (that you’re not sure of the origin or how old it is) - Maybe that just happens at our house 🍬🍭

78. Old Baby Gear - Sell or donate! 👶🏼

79. Tourist Knick Knacks - That snow globe from Victoria, Canada has gotta go!❄️

80. Carabiners (if you even know what those are? 🤷🏻) – Unless you are a professional rock climber, then, by all means, hang onto that bad boy!

81. Canned Food That No One Will Eat - Stewed tomatoes anyone?? 🥫

82. Completed Coloring Books

83. Unused Small Kitchen Appliances - That means you, cake pop maker 🧁

84. The Loner Earring - Admit it, we all keep it just in case we find the other one - bad news... it's not gonna happen

85. Outdated Home Decor - Red bean bag chair and basket of fake fruit, hasta la vista!

86. Takeout Condiments - I know, they are cute, but probably will never be used

87. Travel Brochures - All the most up to date info you need is online 🗺️

88. Old Textbooks - Seriously, just Google it! 📔

89. Dry Cleaner Wire Hangers - Mine recycles them, maybe yours does too!

90. Annoying Spam and Email Subscriptions - Use the free service at Unroll.me to help. Do it, you can thank me later!! 💻

91. Old Calendars and Planners 🗓️

92. Excess Mugs and Cups ☕

93. Used Empty Ink Cartridges – You can make a little moolah by recycling them ♻️

94. Ugly Hats No One Should Wear - Need I say more?? 👒

95. Phone Books - Oh, please recycle those and look up the number digitally! ☎️

96. Lawn Chemicals - Be sure to dispose of them responsibly. Earth 911 will help.

97. Kid’s Old Art Projects - Take a picture, it lasts longer 📸

98. Coupons You'll Never Use or Are Expired

99. Worn Out Sports Supplies - You can recycle old tennis balls at Recycle Balls or your local animal shelter might use them 🎾

100. Unfinished Projects - no one's looking, toss it! Shh! 🤫 I won't tell!

So there you have it, Ladies and Gentle-woman (seriously, are any guys reading this??) my list of 100 things you can toss right now!!

Go ahead, do it!! Girls Scout's Honor that you'll feel so amazing once you do!!

Did I miss anything on my list?? I'd love to hear what you've let go of in your house or what was just too hard to part with (like my hubby with his electronic cords) !!

So fill me in below in the comments section!!

Until next time, cheers to conquering the useless clutter and cheers to you!🥂



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