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Our Top 10 Funny, Creative, Easy, Last Minute, & Low-Cost Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

When Halloween rolls around, you need to be ready to put on your costume and head to your friends’ dress-up party, neighborhood get-together, or festive family gathering. There are so many funny, cute, creative, and easy costumes to create, and most of them you can put together with little effort or cost by using items you already have around your home! Check out these 10 genius last-minute Halloween costume ideas for couples!

photos a couple in various Halloween costumes

Halloween is almost here, and if you are a last-minute planner (like me eeks!), then this is the blog post for you because I’m going to take a little trip down memory lane and share my top 10 favorite couples costumes that my hubby and I have done over the course of our 20+ years together…

We like to think we have been the dynamic duo of costumes.

Most of these costumes can be put together quickly with items you have at home or things your can pick up from a local store or even have delivered to your home in a flash (Thanks, Amazon!).

I will also give you a rating of the prep difficulty level (easy, medium, and more difficult costumes and will count down to my #1 FAVORITE costume from a lifetime together with Mr. Organizen. (Hold on tight, cause there are some super embarrassing photos of us!)

If you want to learn my easy pain-free process for choosing our Halloween costumes each year and want to snag a free printable costume planning worksheet, check out my blog post:

How to Create Your Best Halloween Costume Ever with a Free Printable Planning Worksheet

Halloween Costume Planner Printable

Now on with the countdown…

10. Mary Ann & Professor Costume (from Gilligan’s Island)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Let’s hop in the “way back” machine and head back to the ’90s (hence the terrible quality of the photo because it was 1994 to be exact).

This was the first Halloween I spent with my now-husband (total precursor of what was to come), even though we were just friends at the time when I invited him to my sorority Halloween Dinner Date.

We were two broke college kids in rural Indiana so we just had to work with whatever we had on hand so who knew I would be dressing him up for many years to come 🙂

Luckily for me, I did have a red gingham shirt (#meantobe), red ribbons, and jean shorts, and Gavin had a white button-down, khakis, and fake “professor” style glasses so Mary Ann & the Professor were a simple way to get festive for Halloween with almost no prep or money involved!

Edit from Gavin: Notice how cute Magan is in ALL the costumes and I somehow look like an “arse” most of the time ha ha…

Man and woman dressed as the professor and Maryann for Halloween

Using a classic TV show as costume inspiration

9. 80’s Couple Costume

Difficulty Level: Easy

If you are truly waiting until the last minute and don’t have a clue what to be, choosing a “decades” themed costume is by far one of the easiest things to pull together. For us, the ’80s was a cinch with using pretty much everything we already had in our closets.

Pearls, a jean jacket, and black tutu-style skirt for me, and a polo, khaki, and a sweater tied around the neck for Gavin (yes, he had the white pants already :).

It honestly doesn’t get easier than that! You really don’t even need to purchase anything to rock the 80s!!

Man and woman dressed in 80s clothes for Halloween

Pick your favorite decade for this couples costume idea

8. God and Angel Costume

Difficulty Level: Easy

Men croqueting in all white clothing

If you have some white clothing, a halo, and wings, you’ve got yourself a God/Angel costume ready to go! I wanted Gavin to be the Devil, but he was NOT on board with that.

Gavin simply wore all white and added a name tag with “GOD” on it (so people didn’t think he was a croquet player-see picture ha ha), and I wore a sparkly top with white pants and a halo and wings.

This costume took literally no time planning to pull off – especially for Gavin!

Man and woman dressed as God and an angel for Halloween

An easy yet funny duo costume

7. Cop & Prisoner Costume

Difficulty Level: Medium (Or “Ultra – Easy” if you have a friend with the costumes already)

Go ahead and call us “basic”, because we totally are in this cop/prisoner duo ensemble.

But hey, sometimes you just need to go with a classic because life gets too busy to put too much energy into your costume prep.

On this particular Halloween, I wasn’t even planning to dress up, but one of my besties caught wind of our ridiculous idea and insisted we borrow her costumes.

So it could not have been easier for us since we were able to grab these two costumes from a friend. We added black shoes for both of us and a pair of mirror sunglasses for Gavin and we were ready to hit the beat!

Man and woman dressed as a prisoner and cop for Halloween

Locking up the police/prisoner costume look

6. Jack & Jill Costume

Difficulty Level: Easy

When it comes to low-prep costumes, this is one of the easiest around…you can probably make this costume in an hour or less with whatever you have around your home!

Simply get white T-shirts and add the “Jack” and “Jill” to each shirt and then pair it with little kid attire…overalls, jeans, hair bows, suspenders.

Get your clothing a little dirty (we literally rubbed in dirt from our yard in the shirts) to make it look like you tumbled down the hill, and possibly add some bumps, bruises, and fake blood so you looked a little banged up….

oh, and don’t forget the pail, then you are ready to roll (down the hill – dropping blood is optional and maybe a little too far lol!)

man and woman dressed as Jack and Jill for Halloween

A simple couples costume for the young at heart

5. Slash (Rock Star) & a Groupie

Difficulty Level: Medium

Any chance I have at being a blonde, I’m gonna take it! (I do think they just might have more fun!) Our Slash outfit was simply: jeans, a black t-shirt, a fake tattoo sleeve, sunglasses, a long-haired, curly dark wig, and a top hat (and a “Guitar Hero” guitar for added bonus points).

My groupie look was pink pantyhose, acid wash jean shorts, a tank top, and a blonde wig. I probably shouldn’t even admit this, but we did not buy ONE THING this Halloween – we already owned every single item! (not sure if that’s impressive or says something really interesting about us)

Man and woman dressed as a rock star and groupie for Halloween

Rock on with these jammin’ Halloween ensembles

4. Clark Kent/Superman & Lois Lane Costume

Difficulty Level: Medium

Although I spent most of the night telling people “I’m not a LIBRARIAN” I think overall we nailed the ClarkKent/Superman & Lois Lane look.

90% of these costumes were items we already had in our closets or in our big box of dress-up clothes. Lois was created with a white button-down shirt and gray skirt, dollar store reader-style glasses, and pearls. (Recognize them from my 80’s look?).

The only part that took a little prep was finding a press pass online that said “Lois Lane”, printing it out, and putting it in a plastic name tag lanyard.

Amazon was our go-to store for the Superman T-shirt and Clark specs, and the rest of the ensemble: white shirt, pants, and red tie, were all already hanging in my hubby’s closet.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an EASY COSTUME!!!


Man and woman dressed as Lois Lane and Clark Kent for Halloween

Able to leap over the costume contest competition in a single bound!

3. Tooth Fairy & Dentist Costume

Difficulty Level: Medium

To create our tooth fairy and dentist look, I did have a little time to prep. I actually thought ahead more than a few days!!

Luckily we already had the scrubs in our dress-up box, (but I’m guessing you can grab a pair online or at a costume store) and then added a name tag we made “Dr. Fillgood D.D.S” so we didn’t need much to get Gavin ready, as usual.

For the tooth fairy, I did need to purchase a little tiara headband and a white tutu. I already had the wig, white top, and wings (from being an angel…it’s just so versatile).

I spent a little time making the tooth fairy wand, which is a bit hard to see in the picture, but it’s simply a white poster board in the shape of a tooth hot glued to a thin dowel rod with some streamers and ribbons added for a little flair!

And there you have it…dentist and tooth fairy are ready to party!

Man and woman dressed as a dentist and a tooth fairy for Halloween

A “fairy” good idea for a Halloween

2. Our Version of Daddy Warbucks & Orphan Annie

Difficulty Level: Medium

PSA: Let’s all keep in mind that this blog is “judgment-free” where all are welcomed regardless of their bad taste in Halloween costumes …including these two crazy twenty-somethings attending a grown-up party as “Big (Pimp) Daddy Warbucks” and “Little Whore-Phan Annie”.

We created these costumes decades before Pinterest even existed, and I think it might be the only time these two characters ever existed because I did do a Google search for them and I believe we might be the one and only pimp/prostitute spin on “Annie”. (There is a good chance we will regret putting these costumes on the internet but sometimes you just gotta have fun!)

Essentially, we dressed Gavin up like a pimp which we bought from a local costume store, and I found an “Annie-style” red dress on E-bay (you literally can find about anything on there) and I added a red curly wig plus a little too much jewelry and heavy makeup to add a “hooker vibe” to my look!

Guess our genius idea didn’t really catch on, so if you need a one-of-a-kind original, have at it – take it and run – I’ll bet the farm that you won’t find a duplicate at your Halloween gathering!

Man and woman dressed like a pimp Daddy Warbucks and a prostitute Annie

Using humor to create this Halloween Party look!



#1. The Doppelganger Duo

Difficulty Level: Medium

Fresh out of creative ideas for a Halloween costume?

Simply go as your doppelganger!!

For many years, I’ve been told I resemble Danica Patrick, and Gavin has actually been real-life mistaken for Ed Helms from “The Office” (AKA Stu from “The Hangover) on quite a few occasions (mostly in Vegas) so we decided to just go as our look-alikes!

All I needed to be Danica Patrick was a race car driver outfit which I got from Amazon, a few long straight dark hair extensions, and a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

To pull the “Stu” look together Gavin already had a plaid orange shirt, khakis (which he uses in 50% of his costumes), and glasses, and we ordered the face tattoo from Amazon.

Gentleman, start your engines cause we are ready for Halloween doppelganger style!

Man and woman dressed as their doppelgangers Danica Patrick and Ed Helms

The #1 award-winning couples costume idea

And there you have it friends, our easy top 10 creative couples’ last-minute Halloween costume ideas, and truly if we can create any of these, you can too!

Most of them are so simple and at most, you just need a day or two of prep before your Halloween bash!

We’d LOVE to hear what your own easy, go-to Halloween costumes have been over the years…we could always use more ideas for our list! BONUS POINTS for sending us a photo of the fave from your past! (It can’t be more embarrassing than ours!)

Until next time, cheers to being fully dressed with a smile, and cheers to you!!



Looking for more creative Halloween costume ideas? Check out my Pinterest board!

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