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How to Choose Your Powerful One Word for the New Year 2023

Hello, 2023 – How to Choose Your One Word Theme of Intention – Up Your New Year’s Resolutions Game with Only One Word for the New Year

2023 new year


Well there you have it, friends, another year of life has gone flying past us.  Do you get this sense that we are in some time warp machine where a year literally feels like a month? I’m beginning to think that idea of one of my favorite childhood nursery rhymes is right…”Life is But a Dream”!


And if that is true, I’m committed to creating an intentional life that is filled with love, joy, peace, and happiness…seems easy enough, right? 


Although Christmas and the winter holidays are near and dear to my heart, there is something about a new calendar year that fills me with so much hope and gratitude.


Why do I absolutely love the New Year so much?


In many ways it feels like a big ole’ RESET button, where I get to turn over a new leaf and focus on the future, looking forward to the year ahead with eager anticipation of what is in store for me, my family, and my loved ones.


On New Year’s Eve, I am filled with so much excitement to see what will happen in our lives in the next year!


I also honor this time of year because I give myself space and time to really rest and reflect on the past year.  I remind myself of all the awesome things that occurred throughout the entire year. 


Reminiscing over the memories from the past year not only brings feelings of nostalgia about all of life’s beautiful experiences, but also inspires me to reach for more in the upcoming new year.


So how exactly do I do that?


New Year’s Resolutions??


HECK to the NO!!!


I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolution kinda’ gal.


Don’t get me wrong, I think they can be powerful and motivational for some individuals.  I know many other people who decide to use them to support their goals and dreams and seem to be able to stick with them long-term.


But I also feel like most people fall short on those resolutions within a short period of time from setting them, and I’m not one that enjoys feeling like a failure by January 7th!


Nothing says “Happy New Year” like being in the New Year’s Resolutions Loser Club within the first week! That’s a club I rather not be a member of!


Not to get a bit too personal, but I in general have a hard time with anything that feels restrictive or confining for even a few days let alone committing to that for one year! No thanks!


A few years ago, I stumbled upon a different idea that I thought was genius and really resonated with my “don’t fence me in” personality.


Choosing a SINGLE WORD that is your focus for the entire year…also known as “The One Word Project”.




Um, yes, please!! Sign me up!


I’m not sure who actually created the idea originally, but I did find a video of Jon Gordan giving motivational speeches about the power of ONE WORD about a decade ago.


And, after letting go of a long list of almost impossible-to-attain resolutions, I’ve found what works best for me is to find ONE WORD that I intend to embody or focus on for the entire year as a constant reminder of what I want to create more of in my life.


And with words like Love, Dream, and Vision in the English language, how can you possibly choose one to symbolize your upcoming year??




* Funny Side Note*, my word for 2020 was “Expansion”...I mean seriously, could there be a worse word for the year of curfews, lockdowns, and quarantines??


To me, it’s a perfect reminder (or more like a practical joke) from God, the Universe, Mother Earth, Buddha, (whatever spiritual power you believe in) to not take yourself too seriously…and to lighten up on the whole “life” thing!




Well anywho, back to the point of this blog post… I’d love to share with you my process of narrowing down my ONE WORD….and how I practically and easily integrate it into my daily life.


1. Get Centered and Visualize on Your One Word for the New Year


Before you even really begin, the very first step is to take some quiet, alone time for yourself so you can really be present and focus on your past year’s successes and struggles, and then take some additional time to envision what your dream life looks like in the upcoming year of 2023.


I usually do a short, reflective meditation and then spend a few minutes simply allowing myself to vividly visualize what my best life looks like and even more importantly what it feels like!


2. Write Down Wins/Misses and Vision of Your One Word for the New Year


Once I have given myself the space and time to have a clear vision, I start writing down my thoughts on “My One Word Worksheet” (free printable worksheet below) about the previous year and what I hope for in the New Year. 


The reflective questions (The first two boxes in the worksheet below) are:


“What were my successes and shortcomings last year?”


‘What is my vision for the New Year?” 




3. Brainstorm Your One Word for the New Year Possibilities


Next, I write down a list of words that I want to either emulate or bring forth in the New Year…I’ve created a “My Word Brainstorm Sheet” you can use to simplify the process if that helps you zero in on the perfect word!


(Reminder: The word should not be a negative word unless it’s “BAD-ass”, then it’s totally acceptable)


My One Word Brainstorm Sheet


If you are using my super handy, dandy brainstorm printable sheet above, then simply read the words and either highlight, star, or circle the words that resonate with you the most as possible finalists for your one word for the new year!


4. Write Down Finalist Words and Choose the Final “One Word” for the New Year


Finally, you will want to write down your finalists on your “My One Word Worksheet” and then narrow down the ONE WORD that really speaks to your heart…that truly embodies what you have envisioned for your best life!


(On a side note, many people have a hard time narrowing it down to just one word…honestly, there is no right way to do this exercise. If you want to choose a few words and then every 3-4 months focus on a new word, then, by all means, do that, you, rockstar!!! Do what works best for you!)


One Word for New Year Printable Worksheets

As you can see, choosing your ONE WORD for the New Year is not a difficult, time-consuming process, and if you want to make it even easier, you can get both of these free ONE WORD PRINTABLES HERE!


Throughout the New Year, think about your word on a daily basis and constantly ask yourself if your actions and feelings are in alignment with your ONE WORD.


Truly feel your word and do something that embodies the meaning of your word as often as you can.  In essence…


Become your ONE WORD.

I promise it will help you truly stay focused on what your vision is for the New Year!


So until then, a toast to your ONE WORD and cheers to you TOTALLY SLAYING IT in 2023!




* PS – If you love printables, I’ve got TONS over on my blog…you can find all sorts of different printables there!

How to Choose your One Word for New Year


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