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Celebrate National Compliment Day by Brightening Someone’s Day

Make others feel appreciated and bring a smile to someone’s face on National Compliment Day (March 1st) by sharing these free printable compliments!

National Compliment Day

Mark your calendar for March 1st because it’s not just another date, it’s National Compliment Day!!

Or maybe it’s International Compliment Day…

Or maybe it’s World Compliment Day…

Quite possibly it’s Intergalactic Compliment Day…

I mean, seriously, why limit our compliments and positive vibes only to our own solar system!

Regardless of what the official name is, be sure to set March 1st aside as one of the “Fun Holidays” to reflect on all the people who matter most to you and who would love to be noticed for the ways in which they enrich your life.

Let’s go all out for this special holiday in a powerful way by making it our job to share our joy, gratitude, admiration, and heartfelt compliments with the people and relationships we spend a majority of our time with!

Not sure how to do spread happiness and fully celebrate this most important of holidays?

Well, I’ve got some wonderful, creative ideas to celebrate Compliment Day in a few different ways!

1. Give Praise and Recognition to Others

Although National Compliment Day is technically an unofficial holiday, I think it’s one that should definitely be celebrated wide and far!

Compliments written in heart notes


One super simple way is to simply share a sincere compliment verbally or in writing to the people in your life that you admire.

Whether it’s in your home, workplace, neighborhood, your family, friends, and coworkers would all appreciate hearing a kind word.

Simply making an effort to notice the loved ones around you and sharing words of appreciation could really brighten someone’s day!

It’s amazing what a powerful effect being the recipient of a kind word and being complimented can do to make a difference in a positive way!

Another easy way to spread some kindness and appreciation is to leave a heartfelt & sincere handwritten note to those who share their gifts with us and fill our life with love.

So take a moment and take inventory of each person who makes our daily lives better…is it a friend, spouse, co-workers, or children, and spend today giving them your recognition and admiration!

I promise you, they will be delighted to hear how they have been a positive force in your life and that you don’t take them for granted! A genuine compliment can make a huge difference in someone’s self-esteem and sense of meaning.

Free Compliments


Another way to celebrate National Compliment Day is to share appreciation and compliments to a person you do not know!

By simply hanging this printable “Take a Compliment” sheet, you can brighten the lives of strangers!

Free Compliments Printable

Here’s how to prepare the “Free Compliments” printable:

i. First download the free PDF printable here.

Free Compliments Printable

ii. Print the page of compliments on white paper.

iii. With a pair of scissors cut along the lines to make it easier to detach a compliment!

iv. Grab a roll of tape and hang it somewhere it will be seen…a coffee shop bulletin board, a gathering place at your job, an outdoor kiosk on a college campus, the mailboxes in your neighborhood – the possibilities are endless!

Free Compliments on a Bulletin Board

2. Give Praise and Recognition to YOURSELF!

You have so many gifts within yourself that paying attention to the wonderful goodness in you is another way to celebrate the holiday of National Compliment Day!

Here’s how to use the “Compliment Yourself” free printable:

i. Download the PDF here.

ii. Use a printer to print a copy for yourself

iii. Take a few minutes to reflect on your gifts and the ways in which you touch others’ lives in a positive way.

iv. Write down some words that show appreciation for who YOU are!

There are many holidays that have been established throughout history, and I can’t think of a better one to boost happiness and a sense of meaning than celebrating “World Compliment Day”!

So grab a pen and your calendar, and on March 1st make it your job to share with friends, family, strangers, and YOURSELF a compilation of compliments!!

Happy World Compliment Day, you beautiful beings!!

Until next time, cheers to making the world a better place, and cheers to YOU!



Pssst! – Need a bit more compliments and love for yourself? Check out my 30 Days of Self-Care Challenge blog post on my website!

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