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How To Make Self-Care a Daily Activity With Ease

If you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by your frazzled life, then you are in the right place because this blog post is all about adding self-care into your daily routine. With these self-care ideas, you’ll be able to start taking better care of yourself and feel totally refreshed & recharged!


Hopefully, we all sprinkle a little self-care into our lives…

a massage once a year after a super stressful week, a facial before a big upcoming event, an extra hour of sleep once in a blue moon when you are on vacation…

all of those activities are beneficial, but they aren’t really part of your daily routine.

Real soul-nourishing, self-care is consistent and truly a part of your day to day life.

The first step in this self-care lifestyle journey is assessing where you are falling short (check out this assessment if you need help determining that).

Self-Care Assessment

The next step is creating a tangible, realistic self-care plan (this template will help you!).

And lastly, the third step is implementing your plan consistently.

Self-care plan

I’m gonna shoot it to you straight

I’m not all that good at these three steps yet (kind of like when I try to replicate something Martha Stewart is teaching me…nailed it – NOT!) , but I’m working on it.

I find it hard to stick with things sometimes, especially when it’s something that is foreign to me (like taking care of myself).

Yes, I am a kid in a candy store at first with my organized typed-up plan, but then the excitement quickly wanes, and I start skipping over some of the most important aspects.

And abracadabra…I’m back to where I started like a Groupon birthday magician.

So how do you combat the inevitable backslide?

I believe it’s very beneficial to have reminders to help me stay on course and refresh my memory about what it is I’m trying to accomplish.

So I set daily reminders on my phone to drink water, meditate, and accomplish other self-care habits (it’s amazing I’m still alive right ha ha).

I literally write some of them in my daily and weekly calendar (exercise, walk with my dad, coffee with a friend, go to the bathroom -jk, etc).

Framed Self-care quote

I also have a framed quote in my bathroom so that I am constantly reminded to hold my self-care journey in the center of my life.

“She made a promise to herself to hold her own well-being sacred”

…wow…sacred, that’s a powerful reminder and promise!


This beautiful, framed quote and the vase/fake flowers are the real things, but this is not my real bathroom. I made a fake setting that I liked much better than my bathroom (I don’t have a white wood wall). I was feeling kind of guilty about misleading you. Ok, now back to my point.


Right now I’ve got my eye on some mantra bracelets so that I could wear my reminder each day. What are ways that you are holding yourself accountable in your self-care journey OR some ways you could?

Mantra bracelets

I’d love to hear about them!

Don’t be shy…

We’re all in this crazy game called life together so I would really enjoy hearing from you rockstar women.

Cheers to banishing the self-care backslide!

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