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Make Yourself a BIG Priority by Creating a Self-Care Plan

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Hello, it’s me again, and yes, I’m hammering the necessity of self-care AGAIN and how to implement it in your life.


Because it’s that important, and it will help solve many problems in other areas of your life. TRUST ME. It’s huge (“that’s what she said”…sorry, couldn’t pass that one up 🤣)!

So, I have a little secret to share, or more like a confession, or maybe it’s more of a reveal…

I’m not good at a lot of things despite trying to be perfect at just about everything I do.

Things I am bad at…cooking (mildly bad despite my family trying to make me feel good about it), golf (significantly bad even though I’ve never tried, just assuming), remaining calm in stressful situations (TERRIBLE, I’m a wreck whenever my husband is driving in traffic! 😱), and taking care of myself has been on the “bad” list for as long as I can remember…it’s just not something I’ve ever done or knew how to do.

If I really take a look at WHY I have been bad at it, then I embarrassingly have to admit I’m not sure I believed I deserved it. Sounds so weird to share this openly, but it’s true.

I’m really good at putting others first (yes, this even includes my cutie pup, Harper…check her out on my Instagram feed here) and then wonder why I sometimes feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and resentful (ok, more than sometimes, like A LOT).

For YEARS, my sweet and oh so wise hubby (he reads this blog) has told me that I need to take better care of myself, and honestly I really didn’t even know what that looked like, so that’s why I created a printable self-care plan for myself. (if you aren’t sure if you need a self-care plan, check out this quick and easy assessment, but I’ll save you the time…you probably do!)

Just recently, I’ve just started embracing some of my idiosyncrasies, or as I like to call them my “cute quirks”- makes it sound more adorable than weird!

For example, I’m a checklist kind of person…somehow having it written down makes it easier to make it priority…guided meditation (check ☑️), a long walk with a friend (check ☑️), drink more water in my new water bottle (check ☑️), jamming out to my favorite songs in the car totally on key and killing it on my way to a massage (double check ☑️☑️)…see how easy it is!!! Checklists are AWESOME!!

To make it extra simple for you too, I’ve included my template for you to use!! I can always use some new ideas in the self-care category, so let me know what unique ways you are honoring yourself!

Can’t wait to hear what you are incorporating into your daily life to take better care of you!

Sharing your self-care methods will inspire other women so don’t be shy and let’s hear it, ladies!!

Cheers to making yourself a priority! 🥂♥ No seriously, go toast yourself and then check out the kick-ass self-care worksheet list below!

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