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I’ve Chosen My “One Word” for the New Year – Now What?

You’ve chosen your One Word for the New Year that embodies your future relationship, happiness, health, family, work, and life goals. What do you do next? Here is a “how-to” in creating, reaching, and keeping your New Year’s resolutions with your One Word.

Yearly planner with a pen

The first few weeks of the New Year have flown by and as quickly as your resolutions have flown out the window (being rich, thin, and perfect in every way is so overrated, anyway) the eagerness that you had for your ONE WORD is probably starting to wane too…

Welcome to the club, friend…the backslide is real!  * (If you haven’t chosen your ONE WORD, it’s never too late…I’ve shared how to make it an easy and meaningful process here)

One Word Printables

So, how the heck do you keep up the momentum and stay focused on your ONE WORD for the whole year?

Well, you are in luck, because I have some kick-ass ideas of how to stay the course that are easy and more importantly…MEGA FUN too!!

Get the Glitter Ball Ready!!

1. Make a Mind Map


Mind mapping is a creative way to brainstorm how you can practically incorporate your word into all the vital areas of your life.

If you are not familiar with mind mapping, you are probably thinking “What the hell is that?  Sounds painful”!!

Well, I can assure you it’s not going to cause any pain!! I’ll walk you through how I mind mapped my word “Alignment” last year, so you get a concrete visual of the process.

A. First I placed my One Word in the middle of a blank sheet of paper.

B. Secondly, I labeled the 8 main components of my life (Family, Home, Friends, Health, Community, Financial, Career, Spiritual/Emotional)

You can use whatever categories resonate with you so feel free to create your own customized headings.

(Click on the download link below image to get my printable PDF version)  

One Word Mind Map

C. Next I write all the ways in which I plan to embody my ONE WORD in the the 8 categories of my life.

D. I chose to print mine and frame it, so it’s a constant physical reminder of my word.

If you need a little extra guidance, I’ve attached my completed Mind Map from last year below to give you some ideas, and feel free to use the blank template above to make it easy peasy!

Completed mind map

The most important part of the process is to have fun with it and reignite your enthusiasm for your word.

2.  Create a Vision Board


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are fully aware of what a Vision Board is…my hubs, Gavin and I have been vision board practitioners and enthusiasts for over a decade and honestly they are super powerful tools!

I’m pretty sure my vision board from 2008 got a certain someone elected (Barry, you can thank me later in person)

One of the biggest fears people have around vision boards is that they think it will take a long time and/or feel like they need to be Picasso to create one.


Don’t stress if you are not a crafty person…you can make vision boards on Pinterest, you can cut and paste images on a word document, and you can even create vision boards by making a PowerPoint presentation and watching it each day.

I hang my vision board above my meditation alter so it’s a constant reminder that I see daily.

meditation alter

3. Read Motivational Books


Create a reading list of books that will continue to inspire you and keep you on track throughout the year.

I did a quick search at my library and came up with a list of books that I thought would help me stay in alignment with my word ALIGNMENT. (Ha ha! Did you catch that…I’m so Punny!)

4. Wear It


Okay, I know this suggestion sounds super cheesy, but if you’ve ever met me, you’ll know I’m a total cheese ball (like you haven’t already noticed if you’ve read my other posts)….so, here it goes…buy and wear clothing that reflects your word.

I am a total sucker for inspiring t-shirts, and honestly, I feel like my energy shifts when I’m wearing my “open heart, open mind” t-shirt…it’s like I am a walking billboard for my vibe….that’s why I’ve gotta get one of these shirts…oh yeah!!

test alt text

test alt text

Just for the record…no one is stealing the “Queen of Cheese” crown from me…not today, or anytime soon!


If t-shirts are a bit too over the top for you, you can even go for something a little more subtle…like a mantra band…aren’t these such pretty reminders?

Mantra Bracelets


5. Add It to Your To-Do List


If you are a “To-Do” List kinda chick, then add your word to it!

Yes, I’m a total To-Do Diva, so you know it’s on my daily printed “To-Do List”. I’ve created my own customized printable so I write down the word Alignment every single day!

See where I have a spot for my “One Word” below?

Printable To Do list

6. Choose and Look for a “Sign”

Boy holding up the number 11

In our family, the number 11 is a sign that all is well and we are in alignment, and funny enough literally as I am typing this blog post in Big Bear at the lodge where the kids are tubing, my son comes to the table with this “sign” – his order number #11.

And when we checked into our hotel a couple of hours later, I’ll let you guess what happened…yep, Room #211.

See how it works!?!

Another one of my “signs” is a butterfly so anytime I see a butterfly, I take a breath, smile, remember my word, and remind myself to stay in alignment.

Needless to say, there weren’t any butterflies in the snow on this trip!

7. Print a Sign


Being a very visual person, having a physical, printed sign is super helpful for me.

Each year I print a quote that has my word, frame it and put it somewhere in my house that I will see it every day…here are my last few years…

“Happy”, “Self-Care”  and “Enough” were my words and these little reminders are still in my bathroom and office space.

Inspirational framed signs

8. Find a Partner

Maybe it’s your spouse, friend, neighbor, or random family member…

find an accountability buddy to check in with on a daily or weekly basis to share how you are incorporating your word into your life and how you are showing up as your word!!

I’m a bit over-zealous on this one and have two accountability partners, one for family life and one for business!!

9. Set a Daily Reminder

Last but not least, and certainly the easiest suggestion I have for you…

Set a reminder on your phone every day at a time that simply reminds you of your word. I send myself a reminder every day at 11:11 to stay aligned (notice the time?).

So just remember…it’s about embodying your word and creatively reminding yourself about it as often as possible.

Engage in activities and thoughts that prove you are “living” your word and truly feel it.


P.S. Right before I was about to publish this post, I went to check on some of the stats on my pins on Pinterest, and check it out…as Ace of Base would say, “I saw the sign”

screenshot of phone with a lot of 1's

* Are you dying to see this pin above about the pumpin’ Purge Party? Then let’s connect on Pinterest here)

Until we catch up again…Cheers to staying ALIGNED with your ONE WORD and Cheer to YOU!




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