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How to Create Your Best Halloween Costume Ever with a Free Printable Planning Worksheet

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The month of October is in full swing, and it’s quickly approaching that time of year when I start thinking…


What am I going to be for Halloween!?!?

And I’m also usually responsible for helping my darling hubby figure out what his costume will be too…so, DOUBLE CRAP!!

When the spooky season rolls around, I do have a little process I use to figure out what I might possibly be for Halloween that I’ll share with you just in case you too are a last-minute “Oh Crap” Costume Creator!

I’ll also share my free printable costume planning worksheet that helps me make sure I have all the necessary components to any costume, so be sure to stick around to the end to grab a copy!


1. One, Two, Three, Four?

Before I start brainstorming any costume ideas, I first zero in on whether I’m looking for an individual costume, or a couples costumes, or even a group idea. It’s important to first know how many people you are planning for!

2. What’s Fad-dy?

Once I have identified the number of costumes I’m looking for, I start brainstorming what’s particularly “trending” in the news at the time…

Remember when Kid Rock and Pam Anderson got married for like 4 months? (circa 2006)

Or when Kate Gosselin’s hair got more attention than the fact that she had 8 kids?

Or when the Tiger King was literally everywhere? #carolbaskinstotallydidit

Anything that is part of the current pop culture is always a fun (and usually easy-to-find) costume!

Right now shows like Ted Lasso and Squid Games are super HOT, so I’m sure those characters will be pretty popular as costumes as well.

Or choosing anything buzzy & newsworthy is also a good approach in creating a costume….things like the “Free Britney Movement” or William Shatner heading to space…

You can get your creative juices flowing by making a costume that is part of today’s headlines!

3. So Classic

When brainstorming ideas for Halloween costumes, it’s always a solid approach to think about characters from the classics whether it’s movies or books, either fictional or historical…you can’t go wrong with a classic.

– Forest Gump & Jenny

– Bonnie & Clyde

– Alice & the Mad Hatter

– Cleopatra & Marc Antony

– Little Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf

The possibilities are truly endless!

4. Get Punny

It’s no secret that I love me a good pun…

There are SO MANY clever pun ideas that you can turn into a costume.

Some of my favorites that I’ve seen over the years are:

Hawaiian Punch – Pair a luau style outfit (lei, grass skirt, coconut bikini top) with some boxing gloves

Smarty Pants – Grab an old pair of pants and hot glue a bunch of “Smarties” candies to it

Thesaurus – Dress as a dinosaur with name tags with similar prehistoric words “dinosaur”, “monster”, “reptile”, “t-rex”

French Kiss – Put on some Gene Simmons/KISS makeup along with a beret and carry a baguette

The sky’s the limit if you try to think outside of the box of traditional costume ideas by getting “punny”.

5. That’s Pinteresting!

If all else fails and you need some extra help coming up with a creative, yet unique idea, head over to Pinterest and you will find more than enough amazing ideas to inspire you!

I’ve got my own set of ideas saved here if you want to see what’s on my Pinterest Board!


1. Brainstorm

Once you’ve decided on your costume, you need to start thinking about all the necessary components.

Some things to think about:

– Do you need a wig, or makeup, or props of any sort?

– What items do already have or need to purchase?

– Are there things you can borrow from a friend?

– Do you need to get crafty and make any parts of your outfit?

2. Plan & Find (or Beg & Borrow)

Next, print out this free printable costume planning worksheet and start writing it all down! This step will help eliminate the stress by ensuring that there’s no part of your costume prep that you’ve overlooked.

Before you start purchasing anything, be sure you’ve checked your own home for any necessary items! (of if you are a cheap-o like me, ask your besties if they have any of the items to borrow)

3. Purchase

Lastly, purchase any pieces of your costume that you don’t have!

I personally use Amazon for the basic clothing must-haves and then check discount stores like the Dollars Tree & Walmart for the details, accessories, and props!

4. Party On!

You are now officially ready to rock your kick-arse, creative costume, so be sure to enjoy the festivities and take lots of selfies!!

Not to toot our own horn, but my hubby and I have had some funny (and a bit embarrassing) costumes over the years, that I share all about here:

Our Top 10 Funny, Creative, Easy, Last Minute, & Low-Cost Halloween

& Costume Ideas For Couples

Until next time, cheers to a boo-tiful Halloween, and cheers to you!🥂


💗 Magan

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