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Top 9 Holiday Decor Storage Solutions – Must-Have Christmas Decorations Organization Products

Safely and securely store wrapping paper, present tags, gift bags, holiday lights, garland, wreaths, and more with these must-have holiday decor storage solutions to organize all of your Christmas Decorations. Make decorating easier and faster, and cleaning up after the holidays a breeze with the right organizer products! 

Gift wrap storage box

All good things must come to end, and so another Holiday Season is in the books!

I don’t know about you, but taking down all of the Christmas decor is NOT one of my favorite things….it’s a total Holiday Buzzkill!

I’m always a little sad that Christmas is over and the house always looks so bare for a few days until my eyes adjust to no more tree, lights, garlands, or wreaths.

One thing that certainly can make the de-decorating process a bit more tolerable, and possibly even likable is having the right tools to store all of your holiday decorations.

So let me show you some of the BEST Christmas organization products and storage solutions to help you as you begin to put all of your festive Holiday trimmings away!

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Holiday decor storage solutions

Now let’s break down why these Holiday decor storage solutions products are MUCH BETTER than just shoving everything into a box and calling it a day!

1. Christmas Ornament Storage Box // – Here is an easy way to safely store your fragile Christmas tree ornaments so nothing gets broken while is stowed away!

2. Holiday Wreath Box //- How perfect are these sturdy containers for keeping your wreaths “smoosh” proof!  

3. Christmas Light Storage Box // – Nobody wants tangled lights, and this product will prevent that from happening with its cord wrap inserts. #geniusidea 

Clark Griswold could have really used the help of this awesome product!

4. Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer // – I love that you can store holiday wrapping paper, bags, tags, and tissue all in one place, and it can slide right under the bed!  Such a fabulous way to save space!

5. Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag // – Years ago a friend told me that she stores her tree with all of the decorations on it, and with this storage bag, you can totally do that!

Just unzip it next winter and voila, you are ready to roll! That certainly makes setup and tear down as easy as possible!!

6. Clear Holiday Ornament Storage Box //- This box can hold 60 ornaments and has dividers to keep them securely in place.

7. Underbed Christmas Ornament Storage //- Short on storage space? Hide this ornament box under a bed or other large piece of furniture!

8. Christmas Tree Storage Bag //- Do you store your tree in pieces like me? Here’s a heavy-duty bag to keep all of your artificial tree pieces together until it’s time to reassemble them next year!

9. Vertical Wrapping Paper Box //- This storage box is perfect for storing wrapping paper out of sight in the back of the closet or behind a door. It’s a must-have to keep your paper from getting torn up!

So what do you think?

Do these amazing storage products inspire you to organize your Holiday swag?

Which one is on your “Must-Have” list?

One last thing you need to do to be all set for the Holidays next year…

Grab my free Christmas Contents Label Tags here…I mean you gotta know what’s in all of these organized boxes and bags, right!?!?

Printable Christmas Storage Box Tags

Until next time, cheers to making Christmas organization a breeze, and cheers to you!



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