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The “Free the Clutter Fiesta” Will Get Your Home & Life Organized in 52 Weeks

Have an organized, clean, tidy & clutter-free home in 52 Weeks with the “Free the Clutter Fiesta”- This Possession Purge Party is easy to follow and stress-free! 

Free the Clutter Fiesta Prinatble

The beginning of a New Year …. the time of year when everywhere you look, you see words like….





Ugh! Seriously, are those MOTIVATING words for anyone???

…well, they definitely ARE NOT for me!!

Detoxes, Cleanses, Challenges, and Diets sound like a total BUZZKILL to me…that’s why when there’s an area of my life that may need some “sprucing up”, I like to reframe it as a “celebration”!

Broken Llama pinata

Last year, before we moved, I created and participated in a “Purge Party” at my house to help me get prepped for a new house. (If you want to check out the PURGE PARTY, you can read more posts about it here)

Now doesn’t a “PAR-TAY” sound so much more fun!?!

So to kick off 2021, I’m going to have a “FIESTA” at my house…a “Free the Clutter Fiesta”!

Although we’ve only lived in our home for 18 months, I feel the creep happening…the dreaded CLUTTER CREEP!

Clutter seems to just seep into the house and shows up in places you didn’t even realize! (Especially when you have kids at home…I’m pretty sure my darling children just shove crap in drawers, closets, and every which way at my home when I’m not looking)

Do ya’ feel me??

So instead of freaking out over the unwanted items, I’m simply going to tackle one area of my house each week and dedicate approximately 15-30 minutes to “Free the Clutter”!

I know ya’ll are going to think I’m a bit nutty with the philosophy I’m about to share…

But, we’re friends, right?

And friends don’t judge each other, right? (Hint: The answer is “right”!)

So here goes….

I truly believe that every item we own carries energy…

(with me so far?)

…and our possessions’ sole purposes are to be of use and to be valued…

(still hanging in there?)

…and if you’ve got stuff just sitting around doing neither of those things, then it’s not serving your possessions whole reason for even existing….

(man that’s pretty deep, huh – or maybe just totally whacked??… either way it’s a positive motivation for me to let it go!)

In a nutshell: if you aren’t loving and using your stuff, you need to set it free…let it fulfills its life’s purpose by finding a new place to call home where it will be loved, appreciated, and of service to the owner.

Geez, who knew owning crap would carry such a heavy responsibility of allowing your belongings to serve its divine karmic purpose!


Yep, don’t let your stuff down by hoarding it and keeping it hidden in a closet never to see the light of day – I mean that’s just downright inhumane!

So, ya’ know what we gotta do?…set it free!

And that’s what I plan to do – and I’d love for you to join me – goodness knows I’d love to have a buddy on this journey!

I’ve laid out a road map (or let’s just call it a “party agenda” – sounds way more fun than a “decluttering calendar”!) for the year so I can break down some of the big tasks that can feel a little overwhelming into easier bite-sized morsels.

Wanna’ see my “Party Agenda”?

Cue to trumpet fanfare!!

Free the clutter fiesta printable

I’ve even made it a PDF so you can print it out for yourself! (just click on the image above)

Now there a few things I want you to know about the “FREE THE CLUTTER FIESTA” PARTY AGENDA!!


You can start anytime!

As I write this, today’s date is mid-January, so I’m a little slow at the starting line.

But listen, life’s been cuckoo around here for the last few weeks, and I’m sure you are all feeling the craziness that seems to have already seeped into 2021 from the last year!

But guess what?

I’m not gonna beat myself up, or cancel the whole thing…I’m gonna hop right in and do what I can do.

The point of the FIESTA is progress, not perfection!!

So I hope you’ll keep that in mind too – if life gets totally bonkers for you, give yourself some time and join back in when you have a little breathing room.


The calendar/agenda I created was simply a framework for me to make sure I hit all the important areas in my home, and it’s not set in stone.

If there’s a week I’m on vacation, I will just double up on another week!

Customize the calendar to fit your schedule – swap tasks and weeks as needed!


When you look at the various weeks, dates, and focus areas on the agenda, there may be weeks that you don’t do anything…

For example, I don’t have a basement, so that designated week, I will mold to fit what I need more time to work on (well hello, garage… the great clutter cache of all time!).

Feel free to alter and mold the calendar to best fit your needs and schedule!



As you are on this journey of letting go of the items in your home that you no longer need and love, I suggest that you are highly intentional and deliberate about what you invite into your home when you are shopping.

A current illustration from my own life…

February is approaching quickly, and with us still being in semi-locked down mode here in SoCal, I really want to make this Valentine’s Day extra special for my kids, especially since they are still doing remote online learning and their lives are extra “meh” and “blah” these days.

Yesterday I was at Wally World (AKA Wal-Mart) and was fighting the strong urge to buy a bunch of random Valentine stuff…sprinkles, plates, napkins, crappy snacks, you name it…whatever had a freaking heart on it, I had an urge to purchase. (Darn you, Pinterest…I hold you personally responsible for this obsession with Holidays looking perfect!)

But guess what…I know in a matter of days all that cutesy cupid paraphernalia will be shoved in a cabinet never to be used ever again.

So my point to this story…

…momma, don’t buy crap you don’t love and will get very little use out of:

Invite only VIPs (Very Important Possessions) into your life!


Grab a friend, partner, spouse, sibling, neighbor to join in the fiesta with you!

There is power in numbers, and it will help you stay accountable.

I think I’ve hit on the major points to the FIESTA, and I’m off and running here at the Weber Abode.

First stop…I’m decluttering my schedule and creating a more mindful morning routine.

I’d love for you to join me!

You can sign up here if you too need a little morning makeover!

Also, if you want to catch what I’m doing in real-time, let’s connect on Instagram!!

Organizen Magan on Instagram


Until next time, cheers to living a fiesta-filled life, and cheers to you!



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