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Laundry Room and Closets Organization- Feeling Great in Week #8

The Purge Party is the perfect way to simplify and organize your laundry room and closets. This easy process with free printables will help you every step of the way to a simply organized home.

Purge Party Laundry Room Organization

Hello, Party People!!!

How’s the PURGE PARTY going at your house??

I’m chugging right along in my home, and I’m LOVING the feeling of clean, organized spaces! It’s a big heap of awesome sauce!

It’s Week #8, and we are going to clear out the laundry room, hall closet, and linen closet!

RECOMMENDATION – If carving out a bigger chunk of time is difficult for you, break it up into smaller jobs. Try to spend 10-20 minutes a day and tackle one drawer or cabinet at a time.  Feel free to customize your purge plan for what works best in your schedule.


#1 – It All Begins in Your Brain


Before your even begin lifting a finger, the single most important thing you can do is close your eyes and make a wish that your house will magically organize itself! 

Just teasing…what fun would that be?!?

Now go back to closing your eyes and imagine what would be the ideal version of your laundry room and closets.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but honestly this is a crucial step in the purge process.

Once you see your organized spaces clearly in your mind, you have a powerful vision of what you intend the end product to look and feel like. Now, you are ready to head on to step #2.

#2 – Shake Your Groove Thing


Got a favorite music station? Well, now is the time to turn it on!!!

Pump up those jams, because this is a PARTY after all!!!

Play those happy tunes that put a spring in your step and motivate you to declutter!

Heck, feel free to sing along!! Shake Your Groove Thing, Shake Your Groove Thing, Yeah, Yeah!

#3 – Box Time!


Step #3 means it’s time to grab those boxes!!

Those puppies should be close by from last week’s Purge Party!

You will use these containers to sort all of your possessions once you start decluttering.

Recycle  –  Retail  –  Relocate  –  Rubbish

#4 – Be a Bitty


You’ve probably never been given the green light to do this before…but here it goes…be a total bi-atch!

You can no longer be kind and lenient on all that crap in your house.

Channel the inner bitchy Diva that we all have hidden inside, and tell that junk to scram!

Reminder – you know what you are doing!

Trust yourself completely and don’t over think your decisions.

You know if you use it or love it, and if the item doesn’t meet those two criteria, then toss it in a box! 

#5 – Let It Loose


When you are sorting through your possessions, you must remove EVERYTHING!!!

Don’t simply glance through your shelves and drawers and toss a couple of things.

You are PURGING!!

Let it all loose, and only keep the items that you truly love and that are in great, working, condition. Everything else goes in one of your labeled boxes.

#6 – Raise a Glass to Your Success


You’ve made it!! Now you just need to finish, by cleaning all the surfaces and running the vacuum to remove the decluttering debris from the floor!

It’s time to remove your sorting containers, and raise a glass to a job well done!!

You have now finished Purge Party #8, so be sure to soak in the good vibes from your newly tidy and organized spaces…doesn’t it feel good!

Now, I know some of you would like the shorter version, so this is for you!

Purge Party Laundry Room Organization

Well, my friends, we are in the home stretch…just a few more Purge Parties and your whole house will be decluttered and organized – and mine too!!

Wondering what’s going on at my digs??

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