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How to Make A Creative End of the Year Gift for Kids Last Day of School

Honor your kids’ hard work and school accomplishments by celebrating the end of the school year with this fun gift idea! The “ORANGE You Glad It’s the Last Day” gift bag is perfect for any age student. Check out the easy instructions and grab the free printable gift tags so you can make your own end of the year gift!

End of the year gift

When spring finally rolls around you know that summer is quickly approaching and the end of the school year will be here before you know it!

I’m always looking for festive ways to make life a little more fun and celebrating a special day like the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL is at the top of that list!

My kids work all year long and do their best to study hard and keep their grades up, so I’m hoping to surprise them with a fun little gift to honor their accomplishments!

As always, when I am wanting to create something new, I scour my favorite website to inspire me and get my creative juices flowing…

PINTEREST…where I knew I would find tons of super cute gift ideas to kick off summer break!

I even made a “Last Day of School” Inspiration Board if you want to see all the great ideas for end-of-year gifts I found here:

Last Day of School Sign with paper clips and alarm clock

So, after lots of brainstorming, I decided to make an orange-themed gift bag to celebrate the last day of school and the beginning of summer that I know my kids will love!

And because I’m all about sharing the goodies I create, I am going to walk you through the easy process and give you the free printable as my own present to you so you can make them for your own kids!

Listen, I know life is busy, so let me help!


1. Gather the Supplies

First, you need to get the essentials to make the end of the year gifts:

– A Little Bag (or if you are mailing it to a college student, you’ll want a sturdy box)

– Printable Gift Tag Template (you can grab that tag here!)

– White Cardstock (you could use plain white paper for the gift tag, but the sturdier cardstock holds up better and look a little nicer!)

– Scissors

– Tape or Hole Punch/Ribbon

Orange Summer Gift Bag Supplies


Orange you glad it's summer time printable gift tag

2. Purchase the Goodies

The next step in putting this adorable gift together is getting the “goods” for your gift.

I think the best bet of finding a large array of items is to visit your local Dollar Tree, plus it’s inexpensive so you can save a little moolah and won’t break the bank.

Just walking around you will find plenty of creative and thrifty ideas for your fun treat bag!

Essentially you want to find items that are orange to go with the theme of the (Note: you don’t need to buy ALL of them… I had about 6 items in my bags, and that was plenty to make it a great gift!)

Here is an idea list of orange gifts for the end of year student bag:

  • A Box of Cheez-Its

  • Tic Tac Candy

  • A Bag of Cheetos

  • A Pack of Orange Gum

  • A Bottle of Orange Propel Drink, Izze, Fanta, or Orange Kool Aid

  • A Clementine Orange Fruit

  • A Snack Size Box of Goldfish

  • Reese’s Candy Bar

  • Orange Flavored Lip Balm

  • Orange Juice

  • Any Orange Flavored Snack

  • Orange Lifesavers

  • Orange Mentos Mints

  • Orange Fruit Roll-Up

  • Orange Nail Polish

  • Any Orange Colored Sweet Treat

    Fun Ideas That Younger Kids Love

  • Orange Beach Balls

  • Orange Bubble Wands

  • Orange Glow Sticks

  • Orange Sidewalk Chalk

  • Orange Note Cards to write to their teacher over summer break

3. Assemble the Gifts

End of the Year Gift

Once you have purchased your treats, print out the tags (*Helpful hint* be sure to print the tags using a color printer to make them bright and fun), cut them, and affix them to the gift bags.

You could also add a special message to the tag to tell your kids how proud you are of them for being such awesome students!

I set my gift bags out in the morning of the last day of school with a celebratory letterboard message and some sweet breakfast treats, but feel free to give your kids their gifts whenever it works best for your family!

Happy Last Day of School Display

Seriously, it’s so easy to put this super adorable end-of-the-year gift together!

It will be the perfect end to all the tough scholastic work they’ve done this school year!

So what do you think?

Do you have other ideas for end-of-year student gifts?

Do the teachers at your kids’ school send home any cute things to celebrate the last day of school?

What other awesome kid summer fun do you have planned?

Until next time, cheers to a great end of the school year celebration, and cheers to you!



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