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Christmas Coupons – Easy and Inexpensive Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Your Kids

Looking for a last-minute holiday gift idea? Well, search no further… these free printable Christmas coupons are a great gift idea for anyone on your Christmas list this year!

It’s the final countdown…Christmas is just a few days away, and to be honest, I’m not 100% ready!!

Prepping for this Holiday Season has been a bit challenging because the kids are receiving larger, more pricey gifts which means that there are fewer things for them to open, and honestly makes this momma a bit sad.

I loved the days when I could hit the Dollar Spot at Target or my local Dollar Store and buy a bunch of little, inexpensive things that my kids would love…now their wish lists consist of Apple Airpods, laptops, expensive video games…heck why not just throw a new car in the mix!

So to combat the mommy guilt of not having many gifts to open, I decided to gift them with some things that are free, but that they would be totally stoked to receive…

Coupons to get out of Household Chores….which in their books are priceless because let’s be honest, none of them like to do work around the house! (I mean who really does??)

If you too are looking for a few more things to wrap up or toss in their stockings, look no further…I’ve made some coupons for you too!!

Christmas Coupons

Click on links below to download the Christmas coupons:

Holiday Coupons (Blue & White Snowflakes)


Christmas Coupons (Red & Green Ornaments)

Need some clever ideas for what you can “gift” your kiddos on their coupons?

I essentially brainstormed all of the chores they have around our house and gave them a FREE PASS of NOT doing that chore!

– Chore Free Day

– Washing Dishes

– A Day Off from Practicing a Musical Instrument

– A Dog Walk

– Cleaning Bathroom

– Taking Out the Trash

– Making Breakfast

– Unloading the Dishwasher

– Cleaning Bedroom

– Emptying the Recycling

– Setting the Table

– Vacuuming

– Putting Away Laundry

– Dusting

– Making the Bed

– Yardwork

– Bringing in the Mail/Newspaper

– Basically anything they complain about doing around the house!

Extra privileges are always a big crowd please in our house too!

– Extra 30 Min Past Bedtime

– Bonus Screen Time

– Ruler of the Car Radio

– Sleepover with Friends

– Front Seat Rider All Day

– Commander of the TV Remote

– Breakfast in Bed

– Pick Dinner

– Family Game Night

You can even offer a few things that might cost a little money, but would still be special treats for your kids

– A Redbox Rental

– A New Board Game

– A Frozen Treat

– A Starbucks Drink

– A Breakfast Treat/Donut

– Family Pizza Night

– A Trip to the Beach/Park/Playground

– A Box of Candy

– Dinner at Your Favorite Restaurant

– A Soda of Your Choice

– Make Your Favorite Cookies

– You know all those things you normally say “NO” to!

Christmas Coupons

Gifting Christmas Coupons is as easy as it can be…

1. Download the coupons by clicking here

(There are Holiday and Christmas ones, so you can choose which ones you like best!)


2. Print them on your computer

3. Cut them out with scissors

4. Write in a few things they would love to receive…

And bam!

Mission Accomplished!!

Can it get any easier…or cheaper??

I’d love to hear of you have any inexpensive gift ideas that your kids love!

Let me know in the comments below! I’m always on the hunt for new ideas!

Until next time, cheers to easy last-minute gifts and cheers to you!!



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