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Celebrate Spring with 24 Funny Earth Day Lunch Box Jokes

Make this Spring festive and fun by creating & sharing Earth Day lunch box jokes for kids (and adults too)!

Earth Day Lunch Box Jokes

Spring has sprung, which means there are a lot of fun upcoming kid-friendly holidays to celebrate!

In April (a top contender for “My Favorite Month”) we’ve got…

April Fool’s, Easter, & Earth Day

Then comes May with May Day, Cinco de Mayo & Mother’s Day (my personal fave!)

I mean seriously, there’s so much to celebrate it’s hard to know where to begin!

Although my go-to method of honoring any holiday is usually with some sort of Scavenger Hunt, I thought I would branch out this Spring with some new fun printables.

And since I’m one of those totally cheezy moms who’s trying her best to not forget to take life a little less seriously, and I’m a BIG FAN of corny jokes, I decided to celebrate Earth Day with some lunch box jokes with the hope of making my kids laugh!

Psst – *SIDE NOTE * – if you are wanting to see the super fun St. Patricks Day treasure hunt I created, you can read all about it here.

St Patricks Scavenger Hunt

And here’s my Festive Easter Scavenger Hunt – just in case they are a huge hit at your house too!!

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Okay, now back to the original programming…lunch box jokes!

In my efforts to branch out a bit away from the perpetual scavenger hunt, this year I decided to make some lunch box notes and jokes to make Earth Day a more special occasion…

but truly you can use them any time throughout the Spring!

Since I am a former Kindergarten teacher who has happened to have read a silly little kid joke book or two over the years, I narrowed down my favorite Earth Day jokes to these 24 that will surely tickle your funny bone (or at the very least bring a smile to your face!).

And being the sharing and caring blogging buddy that I am, I’ve got a free set of jokes for kids to share with you in this blog post!

That means half (or maybe more) of the work is already done for you! Lucky you!

So let me show you exactly how to use this collection of Spring lunch box jokes to make your kids’ lunches so much more fun for Earth Day (or any day!)

Keep in mind that you can use this idea for children during their school day or even adults during their work…doesn’t everyone love a little surprise lunch box note no matter what age?

How to Create Spring Lunchbox Jokes for Earth Day

1. Download the PDF Lunch Box Jokes Printables

Click on the image of the printable lunch notes below to grab this freebie and download the PDF link.

Earth day Printable Lunch Box Jokes

(please check your spam folder if your free printables don’t arrive in your inbox within a couple of minutes and remember these are for personal use only and you’ll be added to my subscriber list!)

2. Print the Earth Day Lunch Box Jokes

Lunch box notes coming out of a color printer

Next, simply print the PDF lunch box joke pages on either white paper or cardstock.

Mom Tip #1 – I recommend using thicker paper or white cardstock to print these jokes so they are a bit sturdier and will hold up better inside the lunch box.

Also using a color printer makes a HUGE difference in making the notes a bit more vibrant and colorful.

3. Cut the Earth Day Lunch Box Jokes

Next, with a pair of scissors, cut on the gray dotted line to make 24 smaller notes with one joke on each card.

Cut lunch box jokes with a pair of scissors

4. Affix the Earth Day Lunch Box Jokes

Earth Day Lunch Box Jokes

Prior to the morning of packing the lunches (so I wouldn’t wait for the last minute!), simply select which jokes you will use in your kids’ lunch boxes and use tape to affix each funny note to various food items…

or if that’s too much work for you ultra-busy parents, you can just have them free-floating in their lunch! No tape necessary!

Also, you don’t have to use all of the jokes on the same day! You can spread them out and have a whole week (or longer) of funny jokes to make your son or daughter laugh!

5. A Sampling of the Earth Day Jokes

Wondering what some of these HILARIOUS Earth Day Jokes are on these free printables?

Well, here’s a small collection of my favorite jokes for kids (cause let’s be honest, typing out all 24 is WAAAAYYY TOO much work!)…so here’s my top 8!

Hold onto your horses because it’s about to get pretty darn funny around these parts!

– What does a tree like to drink? – Root Beer

– What kind of plant grows in your hands? – A Palm Tree

– What did the tree wear to the pool party? – Swimming Trunks

– Why did the sun go to school? – To Get Brighter

– What is a tree’s least favorite month? – Sep-timber

– How do you cut the ocean in half? – With a Sea Saw

– What did the little tree say to the big tree? – Leaf Me Alone

– What happens when it rains cats & dogs – You Might Step in a Poodle

And there you have it, my dear friends… how to add a joke…or 2… or a collection of 24 Earth Day lunch box jokes to your kid’s lunch. I promise it will be something every student will love!

Want some other lunch box jokes ideas? Here are the ones I used for my kids for Saint Patrick’s Day!

What other family stuff do you do as a tradition to celebrate Spring or Earth Day?

Let me know in the comments section below!

Until next time, cheers to making lunch a laughable moment, and cheers to you!



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