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Purge Party #11 in the Kitchen – Cooking Up Some Fun

Does your kitchen feel cluttered and disorganized? Is it overwhelming to you? The Purge Party will help you declutter, simplify and organize your kitchen!

Organized and clean kitchen with table and chairs

Can you believe we are in the last 2 weeks of the PURGE PARTY??

Time flies when you are having an absolute blast decluttering and organizing your home!!

So listen, your kitchen may be spic and span and totally zen already, but mine is the main hub of activity in our house, so my kitchen needs some H-E-L-P!!

It’s one of the bigger rooms in my home (which I love) but that’s just more space to get messy!

Because there are so many components to a kitchen (fridge, pantry, cupboards, spice cabinet, etc.) and organizing it can feel like more of a challenge, I’m going to go over the basic steps of purging and decluttering in this post and share in other upcoming posts more specifics of how to best organize those individual areas.

So let’s jump right in!


1. Visualize It


Before you even lift a finger, get a very detailed vision of what you want for your kitchen

for me, I want my kitchen to be functional and an open clutter-free area where family and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company.

Cozy, clean, and chaos-free are three words that immediately come to mind.

So before I take any action, I’m going to close my eyes and simply be with the vision of my perfect kitchen space.

2. Set the Mood with Music


In Step #2 you get to choose whatever tunes make you happy!

So grab your Google Home, portable speaker, or phone and play that funky music, those rocking beats that put a smile on your face and pep in your step!

Happy tunes will make the work so much easier and more fun!!

3. Think Inside the Box


Up next, you will need to get tools to help you sort all of your items! So grab 4 boxes/containers/bins labeled with four headings.

You know I love me some alliteration (yes, I’m equally cheesy in person as I am on my blog) so I label mine with….





Feel free to select whatever labels resonate with you…trash, recycle, move, sell…customize your boxes with what works best for you!!

4. Be Particular and Picky


At this point, you still haven’t actually started decluttering, and you have one last thing to do before you start the PURGE, and that is…get your mindset adjusted.

You’ve got to be super picky and downright ruthless in your selection process…

if you don’t TOTALLY LOVE it or USE it, it’s gotta go! 

The kitchen is a special place where all sorts of random items and gadgets reside, and it’s time to set them free!

Give them to someone who will use them and love them!

Don’t forget to K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Sister)…don’t overthink this process…the goal is for your surroundings to only be filled with things that are truly useful and loved.

5. Dump It


Okay, it is now GO TIME!!!

It’s time to empty all of the drawers, shelves, and cabinets
…basically all storage areas of every type.

Do not take the short cut here – this is a CRUCIAL STEP in the purging of your kitchen.

Just glancing through your drawers and removing a few things is not gonna’ cut it!

Dump it all out, and only keep and put back the things that you really love and are in good, useable condition.

It’s okay if this step takes awhile.

Break it up into chunks to make it easier for yourself.

Pantry one day.

Cookbooks and Recipes another day. 

If you need to pace yourself, do that.

The most important thing is that you stick with it and keep purging!

Once you have neatly put back all of the items, take a good look around your kitchen.

Does everything that you kept reflect your original vision? 

If it’s not in alignment with your ideal kitchen, remove it and put it in one of your labeled boxes/bins.

6. Party Like It’s Your Birthday


Lastly, dust, clean, vacuum all surfaces, and remove your labeled boxes, & celebrate like it’s your birthday!

Champs!  Confetti!  Cake!  Gifts!  (never mind, skip the gifts, you just decluttered for heaven’s sake!)

Now, take a moment and see how you feel…Look around, you’ve made a huge improvement to your home!!! Don’t you feel lighter and more centered and peaceful?

Want the super short Cliff Notes version of the process?…It’s all yours below!

Purge Party Printable for Kitchen Organization Process

Also, if you just joining the Purge Party, it’s never too late! You can see all of the Purge Party Blogs and Printables on my Pinterest Page (here)

Want to see my personal Purge Party photos?? Check out my Instagram!

As always, don’t be shy, I’d love to hear about your PURGE experience!

I’m all ears!! 

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