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How to Make a Snow Themed Christmas Care Package

Whether you have a family member or loved ones far away because of college, deployment, or a missionary trip, show them how much you love them and miss them this Holiday Season with a snow-themed Christmas care package with free printable tags.  Here’s an easy, step-by-step guide that will show you how to make your own care package while sharing creative & inspiring ideas. 

Snow Themed Christmas Care Package

It can be one of the most wonderful times of the year for most people, but if you have a loved one who is not going to be home to celebrate the holidays, then it can be a very challenging time of missing them and even more difficult for them, missing being home for Christmas!

Our first-born daughter left for her freshman year in college a few months ago, and I’ve made it my mission to make sure she knows how much we miss her!

I couldn’t think of a better way to say “we love you” than with a new themed care package every month that she is away from home.

So even though luckily she will be home for the holidays, I still wanted to send her a little box of goodies to snack on and holiday decor she can use for decorating her dorm room.

I know many parents start feeling panicked about putting together a care package, but to be honest, I totally love planning a new one each month!

So I’m here to offer a little help and walk you through the process, sharing all the great ideas I’ve scoured from the internet. Most families have enough on their plates, so don’t stress about this one…there are so many helpful resources to make it as easy as pie!

There is no shortage of gift ideas to put inside your care packages, and I’ve been growing my Pinterest idea list here if you need some more creative inspiration! 

College Care Package Ideas on Pinterest
Click on the image above to see my Pinterest page

If you specifically want more Christmas care package ideas, then “Finding Mandee” blog has amazing ones here that were helpful for me!

Here’s a recap of what care packages I’ve sent to our daughter so far:

  • For September I sent a “Get Well” Package filled with all sorts of cold/flu remedies in case she or any of her dorm mates got any of those seasonal “bugs” that seem to run rampant around college campuses, especially after party nights! Let’s just say it was the perfect gift for new college kids!

  • For the month of October, I mailed a Halloween-themed care package that was full of a large variety of Halloween decorations, favorite treats, and other festive “spooky “supplies she might need to celebrate Halloween with her friends and roommate.

Halloween College Care Package
  • In November, it started to get pretty darn chilly in Ann Arbor, Michigan where my daughter is a college student, so I thought a blue-themed care package would be a great gift to create and have delivered to her and her as is “brrr”

    Feel free to steal my idea and make a blue care package too! You can find the helpful instructions and free printables here on my blog site!

Snowy Blue College Care Package

For the month of December, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a snow-themed holiday care package.

So let me guide you through this process with a blow-by-blow breakdown of how you too can create this wonderful gift for a family member…it’s the perfect way to spread holiday joy! You get to be a long-distance Santa!


Since we’ve decided on a snow and Christmas theme, it’s time to purchase the gifts that will go inside the box!

This care package was not difficult because I looked for holiday items wherever I particular…the Dollar Tree, Target, Wal-Mart, and my local grocery store. I did not make my shopping trip a separate occasion for the gift buying, I just added it to my already established routine of everyday errands.

Honestly, I was surprised how many treats I was able to find to fill her box…

If you are having a hard time knowing what to search and shop for, think of “stocking stuffers”, favorite treats to eat, supplies for decorating their room, holiday snacks, a gift card…things all college kids (or anyone really) would love, and add them to your Christmas care package.

Take a friend with you to shop and make it a fun occasion!

*Helpful Insider Tip #1* – I try not to send any liquids because spills happen and that can cause a mess in your package. Even if you try to wrap them up, they still are considered fragile items and can break while they are being transported, especially long distances across the country.

Because my daughter was going to be home in about a week for Christmas I did not go overboard on this Christmas care package.

Here’s a list of THE GIFTS I found for this particular care package – I was trying my best to stay with the SNOW theme:

  • Snowman/snowglobe/snowflake decor
  • A “Let It Snow” sign
  • Metallic hanging snowflake decorations
  • Snowman Pez candy treat
  • Snowman Mike & Ike box of candy
  • Snowman Kinder chocolates
  • Her favorite Ghirardelli peppermint bark chocolate squares

College Christmas Care Package Contents

*Helpful Insider Tip #2* – I know it can be tempting to want to add a festive holiday candle, but most colleges do not allow those or any type of heat-producing items (incense, wax melters, diffusers, etc.). Before adding anything in that category to your box, be sure to check with the recipient about the specific rules for their living quarters.

Other great gift ideas you can purchase and include if you want to fill your box for your college student:

  • A small Christmas tree
  • Christmas lights
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Mittens
  • Warm, fuzzy socks
  • Any favorite comfort food & snacks the recipient loves
  • A stocking
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Garland/tinsel
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Starbucks Gift Card (or any gift card!)
  • Money (I mean everyone wants that, right?)

*Helpful Insider Tip #3* – Take into account that the Post Office is CRAZY during the holiday season, and you’re not the only one sending Christmas care packages, so try to send your package at the beginning of the month of December, and try to go during non-peak times. Tis’ the season for postal office mayhem!

Save yourself a big headache and plan ahead!


With 2 kids who are still at home, I know my next few years are going to be FILLED with care package sending (Once you start a tradition with one kid, you better keep it up for the other two!), so I save any empty boxes I receive from any shipments to my house to reuse for care packages.

To pack this particular care package, I placed a few sheets of white tissue paper inside the bottom of the box, then loaded it up with THE GIFTS, and then placed a few sheets of tissue paper on top to finish off the look.

Empty box with white tissue paper


Psst…I’ve got some advice for you…before you send your care package, decorate that box!

Create something special that will bring the recipient joy and happiness!

I guarantee the recipient will be beyond excited to receive it with a little extra TLC and effort that you put into it! It’s the perfect way to show how much you care!

Not sure how to do that?

Well, friend, today is your lucky day! I have free printable Christmas care package tags for you!!

All you need to do is simply download it, print it out (I opt for tagboard/white cardstock cause it’s a bit sturdier), cut on the lightly dotted line, and glue it to the inside of the flaps with a glue stick.  

Snow Christmas Care Package Printables
Click on the image to get the free printable tags

From start to finish it will probably take you an extra 10 minutes and the only supplies you need are a printer, white printer paper or cardstock, scissors, and a glue stick…so chop! chop!…whatcha’ waiting for? Santa and his elves to send a little help? LOL!

Care Package tags with scissors and glue stick
If you want the printable box tags for the inside click here!

I’ve actually made two sets for your to choose from…one that says “we” if you are sending your package from a group or family…and one set that says “I” if you are sending your package from an individual!

Printable Christmas Care Package box tags


Once you’ve got the gifts in the box, it’s time to tape it up, slap on the mailing address, and ship that gift out to your loved one, college student, friend, customer, family member, or whoever is the lucky recipient!  

I hope they feel all the love and attention you put into it surrounding them as they open their Christmas packages!

Box of Christmas Care Package

So that’s a wrap, friends …4 easy steps to give your loved one a little reminder that you are sending a BIG MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS from afar! There is no better time than the holiday season to send a care package as a wonderful gift!

What do you think? 

Got other ideas for care packages you want to share?

Let me know in the comments, friend!

Until next time, cheers to being a long-distance Santa, and cheers to you!



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