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Plan a Romantic Anniversary Scavenger Hunt to Celebrate Your Yearly Wedding Date

How to create and plan a love-ly Anniversary Scavenger Hunt with festive printable clues and easy “how-to” instructions.

Anniversary Love Scavenger Hunt

Summer is the time of weddings, and I just recently celebrated my 23rd anniversary with Mr. Organizen.

If you’ve been around these here blog parts for a while, then you know that every holiday celebrated in the Weber Abode is done so with a scavenger hunt, and my anniversary is no exception to that rule!

So bring on the love-fest with an anniversary scavenger hunt.

Here are the easy directions to create an anniversary scavenger hunt with clue cards… and honestly, these pre-made printables make it such a quick and easy setup!

I’ll also share some of my tried and true helpful hints to make it run even smoother, as we break it down into 4 easy steps!

How to Create Your Own Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

1. Purchase & Download the Clue Card PDF

Click on the image of the printable anniversary clue cards below to purchase and download the PDF.

(please check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox within a couple of minutes!)

Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Click on the image to buy and download the PDF

Download and Desktop Flat Lay with computer

2. Print the Page of Clues

Scavenger hunt clues in printer

Next, simply print the PDF clue card page on either white paper or card stock.

*Tip #1* – I recommend printing these anniversary scavenger hunt printables on thicker paper so you can reuse them in future years for other scavenger hunts.

Also using a color printer to print the tags is always a good idea to make them a bit more vibrant and fun.

3. Cut the Clue Cards

Use scissors to cut the printable anniversary scavenger hunt clues along the dotted line.

Cut Anniverary Scavenger Hunt Clues

4. Hide the Hints

On your anniversary eve night, place the clues in their appropriate places around your house.

Place Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Clues

For this particular scavenger hunt, I did not number the clues in any specific order so that you can use the ones you like best.

The only two that are vital to the treasure hunt are the first one that kicks off the search and the last one that leads your main squeeze to the special surprise. You can recognize them because the clues are covered in various pink hearts. (see photo below)

First and Last Clue of a Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

All of the other clues can be put in any order or eliminated if they don’t pertain to you. (For example: if you don’t have a pet, don’t use that clue…or if there is no microwave at your house, toss that hint card!)

*Tip #2* – When placing each clue think about making your partner work for it…if one card is on the first floor, I try to be sure the next clue is on the second floor so the hubby is maximizing the fun of the hunt with lots of trips up and down the stairs!

The Anniversary Treasure Hunt Tips & Tricks for Hint Placement:

For Clue #1 – Be sure to put clue #1 of the scavenger hunt in a small gift bag or out in a visible place where your spouse/partner will see it!

Here is what the first clue says:

It’s our anniversary & there’s love all around.

First, go to the spot where the biggest TV can be found!

Then simply choose any clue next to kick off the hunt!

The rest of the clues can be put in whatever order you decide.

If you want a longer hunt, use more clues, and if you want a shorter activity, hide fewer scavenger hunt hints…it’s totally up to you!

There are 16 clue cards altogether so you have lots of options. I’ve even made some blank ones in case you want to handwrite your own personalized clues.

When you get near the end, the last clue will lead them to under a desk (where you will hide the Anniversary Day surprise)

And here is what that final hint says:

This lovely hunt is almost done.

Look under the desk to see what you’ve won!

As far as what to give as the final gift, here are a few ideas that I’ve done over the years…

Remember… it doesn’t have to be anything expensive and extravagant…it truly is the thought that counts!

So there you have it, friends, as you can see, it’s not difficult to plan this anniversary activity, and it truly is such a fun way to celebrate!

What other family traditions do you have to celebrate your anniversary?

I love hearing what fun things other people plan…Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, cheers to surprising your main squeeze, and cheers to you!



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