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An Honest Review of the Mighty Duty Car Essential Oil Diffuser “Wack or Worth it Wednesday” (WOW)

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Put down the Febreze car vent clip air freshener and the dangling scented tree!🌲

car essential oil diffuser

Did you know that 86% of air fresheners contain dangerous phthalates?

(hormone-disrupting chemicals that are linked to a long list of health issues ranging from infertility to birth defects in kids and even certain cancers)

Not only that…did you know that air fresheners don’t actually make odors disappear?

They contain a toxic chemical called Dichlorobenzene that actually deadens nerves in your nose by coating your nostrils with a type of “covering” that keeps you from smelling what actually stinks!

I seriously had NO IDEA this was going on!!! 🤯 How is this even legal?

If you want to read more about the dangers of air fresheners, here’s a great resource with all sorts of cited studies and information so you know exactly what is going into your synthetic air fresheners and what impact it could have on your health.

So what do you do when you have a stinky space…especially an enclosed area like a car?

The answer just might be using a very good and effective car essential oils diffuser.

Well, Mr. Organizen and I decided to try out a non-toxic way of eliminating orders from our vehicle by trying out a car essential oil diffuser for this week’s “Wack or Worth it Wednesday” Review Show.

Did it work?

Did we love it?

Did we hate it?

Watch this week’s episode to find out our verdict!

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Until next time, cheers to breathing easy, and cheers to you!🥂


💗 Magan & Gavin

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