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50 Festive Holiday Activities & Traditions: The Ultimate Winter Fun & Christmas Bucket List

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Holy moly! We are down to the last 30 days of the year, and if anyone else is on the struggle bus #because2021, it’s not too late to make the most of this wild and crazy year by whooping it up the best we can for the month of December.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost a year of my life so I’ve got a whole lotta’ “funning” to make up for.

In case you need an OrganizenMagan Dictionary refresher:



    1. the act of having fun and whooping it up

Example: Funning with her friends was her favorite activity.

So watch out December, I’m coming for you!

Actually, here in San Diego, we are in the dreaded “purple tier” of increased COVID cases, which ultimately means no group gatherings, no indoor social activities, no indoor dining, and a 10 PM mandatory curfew for everyone (not just teens).

So ramping up the “funning” is definitely going to be a bit more challenging, but I’m committed to making the most of the end of 2020 (Hallelujah, there is an end in sight) even if that means I’ve got to be home by 10:00.

Each year after Thanksgiving we sit down as a family and brainstorm things we want to do before Christmas, which we will of course do again this year.

👇🏼(You can find the process and printables here).👇🏼

And because my fun tank is currently on “empty”, I want to take it a step further and also brainstorm a personal list JUST.FOR.ME, so I am also creating a list of Winter Fun ideas for me!

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I’m definitely one of those people who lives for “to-do lists” so I created a Winter Fun printable to help me stay on track!

I plan to print it out, write down my goals, and put it on the top of my desk where I will see it every day!

This is an editable version below, so feel free to download it and type in your bucket list items to customize it for you!

Got mushy pandemic brain and need some inspiration?

Then, here’s a big ole’ list of 50 ideas that you can mostly do safely, socially distancing, and in my case…be home by curfew! 🤪

So what do you think?

What’s at the top of your Winter Bucket List of Fun? Staying out past 10 PM!?!

Until next time, cheers to getting your “funning” on, and cheers to you!🥂


💗 Magan

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