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3 Perfect Gifts For Your Husband or Boyfriend That He Actually Wants and Will Totally Use

Much More Than A Tie Or Homemade Gift – The Best and perfect gifts for your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, or man in your life for Christmas, Father’s Day, birthday, or any occasion. Here are the ultimate wish list items every guy wants, needs, and will actually use and love!

Gift wrapped in brown paper with a pinecone

Guest Post: Gavin Weber (AKA “Mr. Organizen”)

Let’s get real ladies, in no way do I want to offend you (or my wife for that matter), but the gifts us dudes usually get are equivalent to second grade craft gifts (for the record, I’ve never redeemed any of those homemade “coupon” books).

Yes, there are perfectly good reasons for these bad gifts like…

-we don’t tell you what we want

-we don’t know what we want

-we could actually care less because we likely buy what we want on our own (maybe that’s just me)


What if this year for the Holidays or his birthday or Father’s Day, or hell, just to be nice, this time you get him something he will actually really like?

Novel idea indeed.

Speaking with my dad hat on, we’re tired of the proverbial “tie” gifts!

In my case, my kids like to think Snickers candy bars are the perfect gift because like 10 years ago I would tell them how much I loved this as a gift since they were broke and it was really “the thought” that counted (and admittedly I used to love Snickers).

I’m sure all Dads and men out there have a “go to” gift from their family that has run its course like an old pair of sweatpants YET we don’t want to be insensitive and tell you the truth.

So here it goes… I’m about to share with you 3 epic gifts of varying prices that MOST men will actually really love.

(Note: The links in this post are Amazon affiliate links, and we will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking through our links at no cost to you. Read our full disclaimer policy here.)

1. Not Your Average iPhone Charger (that is TOTALLY ours dammit)

red 10 foot cell phone phone charger

I’m not sure what happens in your household, but with three kids in our home, a phone charger is more precious and harder to find than water in the Sahara Desert.

These darn kids constantly steal my charger and since they ALL look EXACTLY the same (not the kids, the chargers) I can never prove if the one charger I’ve actually found is truly mine or that I’m just continuing the stealing pattern from an innocent child.

Up first, I hereby recommend the genius that is the Anker Powerline+ Lightning Cable 10 ft long and before you continue reading and judge me saying you aren’t buying this no matter what…

Please remember THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and that would be so true in this picture.

happy man looking at his cell phone with a long phone cord - Gifts for your husband

Look, he’s actually smiling.

You might be thinking it’s only because he’s a paid model, but I can tell a happy dude when I see one.

Wanna know why he is smiling?

He gets to sit on the couch, or chair, or bed and be on his phone without having to sit up against a wall to charge his phone BECAUSE this thing is a whopping 10’ long.

Just the absurdity of its length (no “that what she said” jokes necessary) makes it worth buying.

Yes, Please!!!

Next reason?

Notice the color of this thing?

No mistaking whose god damn charger this is…It’s DEFINITELY his and if he has to come looking for it, watch the f**k out because there will be trouble.

Many women will likely say it’s ugly (my wife most definitely), yet us men could care less about how a phone charger looks. Instead, we really only care about functionality and ease of use.

Add in the “not so pretty” color distinction, and it’s perfect for us.

Ok, I fully realize some of you won’t be on board with this no matter what I try to tell you, so I have another charger for you that your husband likely doesn’t even realize exists.

Tired of hearing him complain he can’t find his phone or cussing because the battery is almost dead?

Those days are over with the Anker Wireless Phone Charger that works for iPhones and Samsung (please check to make sure it’s compatible with your phone).

Anker Wireless Phone Charger

Those days are over with the that works for iPhones and Samsung (please check to make sure it’s compatible with your phone).

Here’s the secret for your husband’s phone problems…train him to put his phone on this charger at night or maybe right when he comes home so he doesn’t lose it (oh geez, I sound like my wife).

Yes, we are trainable so don’t come at me with that excuse.

Here are some of the huge advantages that your man will love about this epic charger:

– Ease of use – just put it on there and BOOM – CHARGING!

– No mistaking that it’s definitely our charger…steal this baby and the impending fate to guilty culprit will make the 10’ cord thief feel like a saint.

– Great location to put our phone down and then know where it is (instead of having everyone in the family looking for it and calling the phone) ALL while charging.

Want to tell your kids what to buy dad without breaking the bank?

The above charger(s) will undoubtedly do the trick. Go buy both or one of them now! (Click links below for more info)

Anker Powerline+ Lightning Cable 10 ft long

Anker Wireless Phone Charger

2. Spontaneous Party Speaker (Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Mini Speaker)

Black Portable Bluetooth speaker

Listen closely, my new lady friends, men only need two things for a party to break out…music and beer.

(okay they only really need the beer, but the music adds substance and drowns out most of their crude noises).

I’m almost positive your man already has the beer nearby, but you never know when you need easy access to a speaker for some sweet tunes to whatever is evolving.

This little bugger is the perfect gift for your husband to take just about anywhere and allow instant fun to break out.

Is he a golfer?

Perfect for it.

Need music on vacation like at the beach?

Perfect for it.

Hanging in the the garage or mancave with his friends?

Perfect for it.

Heck, I could go on for days with all the situations he can use this for.

I love my portable speaker and use it all the damn time always hoping some kind of party spontaneously happens.

Good news… parties almost always do pop up, so please let your man have more fun and enjoy his life fully with this handy little music player.

By the way…it’s also convenient for those unplanned romantic moments, wink wink!

Find out more here:

Logitech Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Super Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

3. A Bonafide Ninja (not that kind but pretty damn close)

You know how your man is always talking about eating healthier or having more energy (please God, don’t let it just be me)?

Well, I have the answer for you on his behalf.

Black Ninja Blender

The Professional Countertop Ninja Blender is the perfect idea to help with health, and once again it is really easy to use.

Throw some water or almond milk in there, some ice, whatever fruit is laying around, and f**cking VOILA…

You’ve got a healthy smoothie in the morning or for a snack.

Make it a meal or whatever he wants. I can promise you he will use this in ways you never imagined and in ways it absolutely WAS NOT designed for, but he will be like a little kid on Christmas regardless, so who cares, right!?!?

Here’s just a few helpful ways I use my Ninja:

– Protein drink (almond milk, Whey protein powder, peanut butter, and a banana) which is delicious and perfect after a workout

– Make smoothies for the kids (it’s almost impossible to mess smoothies up so it makes me feel good about contributing slightly to the nourishment of our children).

Although, I have messed it up on occasion so don’t expect anything different from your dude. Low expectations from us, please.

– Meal replacement with a time crunch. I will throw whatever seems healthy in there and chug it quickly while holding my nose so I can’t taste it. BOOM – meal and health!

And don’t worry…you won’t be left out of this gift BECAUSE he will be making your favorite Margaritas and other mixed drinks with this badass device.

See, we can be thoughtful!

You can get this bad boy here:

The Professional Countertop Ninja Blender

Well, there you have it…my advice for the best gifts to give your husband, father, boyfriend or just some random dude you know.

If they don’t like anything on this list, then there is obviously something wrong with them, and it’s a strong indicator from the Universe it ain’t gonna work out for you two!

Ok, I’m kidding, but seriously I can’t be bros with any dude that doesn’t love these things.

On that note, feel free to share his thoughts on the above gift ideas in the comments below.

I’ve given Magan detailed instructions to let me know only about the positive comments because I ain’t got no time for haters!

In closing, I will be writing a few guest blog posts occasionally. Want a teaser on the next one?

Coming your way soon, I will be writing about things every man wishes their wife knew about “men”…

It will be fun and true, so get ready!

Peace Out,


P.S. Magan wants me to remind you…in case you have not grabbed your copy, be sure to check out the 8 Mind – Blowing Time Management Hacks for Moms – that will make your friends think you are freakin’ magician!!

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