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12 Genius Makeup Organizers to Keep Your Cosmetics and Vanity Decluttered & Organized

How to organize your beauty supplies and tools with the best cosmetics storage products and makeup organizers from Amazon. For every woman who loves makeup and keeping it all neat and tidy!

makeup brushes and tools

The new year is well underway, and if we were hoping for an exciting year….well, 2021 has certainly not disappointed…

it’s already been just a wee bit W-A-C-K-Y with lots of uncertainty around the corner, and we are only a couple of weeks in!

When the world seems uncertain, and life feels out of control, one thing that helps me feel more grounded is having a plan to focus on. It’s my healthy way of taking back a little control in my life.

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For the month of January, I created a theme each day of the week to feel centered and to actually get some things done in my life!

(I wrote a whole blog post about how having themed days can help you be more productive here if you want to check it out!)

Here’s a little peek at my January calendar.

January To Do Calendar

This week, my plan is to declutter, toss, and organize my makeup drawer/vanity.

I always find the first of the year to be the perfect time to weed out all of the old cosmetics and skin care products (Remember those glitter fairy eyelashes from Halloween 2018?? Yeah, probably time to toss them!)

Did you know that just like your food or medications, makeup has an expiration date too?


I’m a total sucker for “Before/After” pictures, so in case you are too, here are mine from cleaning out my makeup supplies this week.


messy makeup drawer


organized makeup drawer

Looks better, right?

Here they are side by side: Ahhhh, such an improvement!

Before and After Makeup Vanity Makeover

I’m definitely more of a “skin-imalist” (yes, that’s a real thing #vocabexpansion) when it comes to my beauty routine…mostly ’cause I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to makeup, but also because I’m just a simple gal who rather be organizing a closet than getting gussied up.

As you can see from my “After” photo, I just have some basic storage containers to help keep my beauty items organized.

For the most part, they are inexpensive organizing products that I’ve gathered over the years (most likely from the dollar store) that do the trick for me.

If you have a more extensive makeup arsenal and regime, you just might need to bring some “big guns” in to help you get it all organized, so I am here to help you out, mama!!

There are some seriously rad products out there that will help you stay totally organized!

I mean seriously…check it out!!!

12 Best makeup organizers

So, let’s break down what we’ve got here…

one. Apothecary Jars Canister Set // It’s tough trying to keep cotton balls and & q-tip swabs neat and orderly, but this stylish 3 canister set will do definitely the trick!

two. Storage Cube with 3 Drawers // If you are more of an “out of sight” person who does not like to see clutter, this three-drawer organizer will hold all of your cosmetics without cluttering the top of your vanity! Problem solved!

three. Metal Hair Care & Styling Tool Storage // Do you leave your styling tools out on your counter? This metal storage container is perfect for keeping them out of the way and organized when not in use!

four. Plastic Vanity Makeup Organizer // This heavy-duty acrylic container is so versatile because you can store makeup of every shape and size…brushes, tubes, jars, and palettes, oh my!

five. Lip Makeup Organizer // If I had more than two lip products, this would be at the top of my list! I love that the sections are designed for various lip products…longer lip gloss tubes in the back and larger bottom width lipsticks in the front. So smart!!

six. Stackable Organizer Box // Limited bathroom space? These organizers have hinged lids so they can be stacked, freeing up precious surface space on your vanity!

seven. Two-Tiered Catchall // I love this “catchall” to keep your accessories on your vanity organized. It comes in white, black, or gold to match your bathroom color palette and decor.

eight. Nail Polish Organizer // As the nail salons here in CA remain close, my nail care products are continuing to grow…hello DIY manicures and pedicures! These two nail polish/tool organizers will help you keep it all organized!

nine. Three Compartment Storage Tray // Want to instantly make a space look more tidy? Grab a tray, and voila’, it’s magic!! This white tray can be used for jewelry, pocket change, makeup/skincare products, or even perfume!

ten. Ten Piece Drawer Organizer Set // My built-in bathroom vanity comes with ONE giant drawer, so these various sized storage containers are just what I need to help keep various sized beauty products & tools in their own space.

eleven. Rotating Makeup Organizer // Ask any professional organizer what their most utilized and versatile organizing tools are, and you will definitely hear “lazy susan” in that list! And here you have it…the “lazy susan” of the bathroom! It helps keep all of your tools in one place and easy to access!

twelve. Divided Makeup Palette Organizer // Got a plethora of palettes? Then this organizer was made for you…It’s the perfect way to keep them orderly and organized!

There you have it…my treasure trove of vanity organizers!

Did I miss anything?

Got a little treasure of your own that I need to know about?

Oh please let me know!!

Until next time, cheers to retiring the old glitter eyelashes, and cheers to you!




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